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AMI Life Sciences puts operations on track with Ramco ERP on Cloud


A Pharma Manufacturer Puts Operations On Track, With IT

Vadodara-based AMI Lifesciences overcame management and operational complexities with the help of an ERP system.

With the vision of becoming one of the leading manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients(API) in India, AMI Lifesciences(AMIL) was established in 2004 at Vadodara,Gujarat,Part of the AMI Group,the company was initially named Sunscope Laboratories but was rechristened AMIL in 2006.With its turnover growing impressively from ₹ 27.35 crore in 2008-09 and ₹ 51.43 crore in 2009-10, to ₹ 81.02 crore in 2010-11, the company's growth seems to be accelerating, year on year.

Moving with the times

Whether it is to innovate and continually introduce newer products into the domestic and international markets,or to reach out to newer markets and stay effectively connected with its existing clients, the company relies on technology.It has set up an R&D centre at Vadodara,which is equipped with modern and sophisticated laboratories.The research facilities are complemented by an up-to-date library of reference books,online computer research facilities and link with universities.AMIL's production facility at Padra is a state-of-the-art plant,equipped with modern processing equipment.

To reach out to domestic and global clients, online, the company has a website www.amilifesciences.com, which is search engine optimised.Apart from this, the premises of the company and its locations are monitored by CCTV cameras to ensure security.The AMIL team also makes use of video conferencing, as well as Internet-based communication tools like Skype to connect with distant clients and off-site employees.

The need for technology


Owing to its forward-looking strategies and commitment to deliver quality products, AMIL achieved 30 per cent growth last year.The company has diversified over time and currently has a head office in Vadodara, a sales office in Mumbai, and a factory in Padra(Vadodara district).Owing to the growth and expansion in operations,communication between locations and updating information started to become difficult.Hence, the management decided to deploy a solution that could address the complexities and challenges that come with dynamic growth.The AMI management identified the need to deploy a solution that integrated its operations and brought in efficiencies of scale.

The management also wanted access to real time information flowing across the different departments and locations of the organisation so that senior employees could take informed decisions,reveal Shivani Trivedi,head--Finance, AMI Lifesciences.In the absence of an efficient resource management system, the company was experiencing many challenges,mainly related to tracking highly complex batch production processes,establishing control over procurement,tracking the movement of materials,etc.

Hence began the search for a perfect solution that met the company's needs."We evaluated solutions from Tata Consultancy Services--because we had heard of its reliability.We also thought about developing an in-house ERP solution.AMIL wanted software that enabled anywhere and anytime access to all management functions and organisation data.Apart from this,considering the size of the company and the fact that we lacked in-house IT expertise,we concluded that opting for a SaaS (software as a service) based solution was the best way forward.After a careful evaluation, we decided to implement the Ramco onDemand ERP (RODE) solution,"affirms Trivedi.

The switch to ERP


It took AMIL six to seven months to go live with the ERP solution."Our major constraint was compiling the data," says Trivedi.But the Ramco Systems' team came to the rescue.Parag Nagwekar,manager--Projects, Ramco Systems, shares more details about the pre-implementation phase:"AMIL needed a system that could capture the different quality parameters required by every customer,yet compiled with Indian taxation requirements, and in addition, was simple to work on for users so that the workers' efficiency was not affected.Hence, we customised the solution after assessing the needs of the company,carefully."

The new ERP system enables much faster inter-departmental communication and facilitates better solutions to AMIL customers, says Trivedi."The RODE software caters to 85 per cent of our needs.We feel that it will benefit us, greatly.We are confident of deriving a good ROI from the system,"she adds.

Going forward, the company has set for itself a target of achieving a ₹ 100 crore turnover in the current financial year.It has also developed three new molecules, which it expects will be well-received in the domestic as well as international market.Now that the company has laid a firm foundation and streamlined all its processes, it expects to grow from strength to strength, concludes Trivedi, confidently!

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