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An HR Service Provider moves ahead with Ramco ERP on Cloud


Customer Background

The company is part of a leading manufacturer of automotive and non-automotive braking systems and ferrous castings. The company provides Financial and Payroll Services to several subsidiaries of the automotive manufacturer.

Growth but Not before Meeting Complex and Overwhelming HR and Financial Processes


Human Resource Management is vital to any organization’s success. This HR consulting firm was incorporated with a single notion to manage human resources pool of the parent automotive manufacturing group of companies, effectively and efficiently. Since its parent group company and its subsidiaries have been growing exponentially, this HR arm of the parent group has to deal with overwhelming and complex human resource processes. Its old systems and methodologies were incapable of handling such demanding and changing environments.

It needed a new technology that can address its HR & Payroll requirements, holistically, remain flexible and scalable, and yet be affordable and quickly deployable. The company decided to take advantage of the situation by leveraging the right HR system.

Moving ahead with Ramco ERP on Cloud

From the beginning, Ramco closely worked with the HR firm and identified the opportunities and challenges. With these factors identified, and extensive due diligence completed, Ramco delivered Ramco ERP on Cloud. The deployment was as per the plan and deadline. Ramco ERP on Cloud was packed with numerous new features which catered to all the HR-related requirements of the company such as:

  • Attendance processing
  • Increment processing
  • Tax planning with the help of Form 16 and statutory forms
  • Loan diminishing method for handling the loans procedures
  • Dynamic and automated re-scheduling of loan recoveries on partial re-payments
  • Enablement of statutory allowances and deductions as per the business rules

These additional features have enabled the company to address their unique challenges. By drawing disparate processes together, they have been able to gain instant access to information and thus, get valuable insights into the business. Further, it has enabled them to integrate and manage all their seven companies’ human resources pool effectively.

Solution Highlights

  • Support for simultaneous management of multiple projects
  • No IT infrastructure expenditure
  • Easy scalability- flexibility to add more users based on increased project activity
  • Comprehensive and integrated online HCM solution
  • Disaster recovery and maintenance which comes as a part of Ramco ERP on Cloud
  • Anytime, anywhere access: senior management can review business parameters 24X7

And what it means to the HR Consulting Firm today

  • A powerful technology with the power packed functionalities of an HR System without heavy capital investment or infrastructure
  • Seamless integration across the Human Resource Management Chain, enabling efficient process execution, quicker and smart decisions, and savings on time and resources
  • Efficient and on-time increments processing
  • Regular attendance data uploading and processing
  • Efficient payroll processing by meeting all the requirements
  • Introduction of Form 16 and other statutory reports/forms for tax planning
  • End-to-end complex processes management such as Loans and Advances and Third Party deductions like LIC
  • Better and comprehensive payroll reports
  • Availing a SaaS based ERP’s generic benefits
    • Increased efficiency and productivity leading to increased profitability
    • Better time management and faster decision-making
    • Greater resource sharing, monitoring, and control
    • Increase information consistency and accuracy
    • Anytime, anywhere access feature, enabling information availability 24X7
    • Scalability and security
    • Free automatic upgrades

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