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Digital Case Study Book

Digital technologies and their associated new working practices are having a profound impact on the global economy. Every business is in danger of being “disrupted” by a digital competitor. This new threat is driving companies to invest in digital transformation programs to leverage advances in technology to place them ahead of the curve.

ISG is at the forefront of helping corporations define and achieves their digital aspirations. As the leading technology research and advisory firm, ISG has helped many clients clarify their vision, match buyers to the right providers, and implement their transformation programs. But, with so much change occurring in digital services and capabilities, how can organizations get insight into what others are doing and see what is achievable?

Each of the twenty-five case studies featured in this book has an important story to tell. Each represents real, unique challenges faced by organizations looking to keep pace with rapid changes in technology. Partnering closely with technology and service providers, these companies are achieving incredible results. We hope that you enjoy this book and find the content illuminating and inspirational. To see more case studies, visit our website (www.research.isg-one.com) where you can access the Digital Case Study Database, alongside a world of content and data to support your business decision-making.

Benefits Flow for Viadux After Platform Modernization


Viadux is an Australia-based manufacturer and supplier of water pipes and valves, water network and pipeline systems, and environmental solutions.

It has distribution warehouses across the continent and procures materials domestically and from various Asian countries including India, China, and Indonesia. In 2017 Viadux was acquired by The Reece Group, which also owns complementary companies that serve different customer segments in the same market.

Viadux planned to modernize and streamline its business to improve customer experience.

The company was plagued by multiple disparate systems that lacked seamless integration, had high maintenance costs, and required inefficient business processes because of their lack of integration. Therefore, Viadux wanted to replace its legacy systems with a solution that would provide enhanced customer service to its clientele.

The company partnered with Ramco Systems, an India-based software, and services company. Ramco implemented its cloud-based ERP system with mobile and analytics capabilities across five entities and 10 locations. The fully integrated platform-as-a-solution helped to replace eight different legacy systems, including both homegrown systems and applications that were bought from multiple software vendors.

Ramco’s end-to-end ERP solution includes finance and human capital management (HCM) functions that Viadux used to automate its talent management and payroll operations. The solution has omnichannel access and a unique user experience design. It has vastly improved visibility into operations and provides real-time information to help users make strategic decisions more quickly

Viadux CEO Michael Negri said the transformation is helping simplify backend operations and the company sees the benefits of improved visibility through analytics. He credits the solution with helping Viadux become a more responsive, customer-oriented business. The journey also is helping Viadux to become more agile, leaner, and platform-driven through the solution’s automated processes, mobility support, and insightful dashboards.

Following the solution implementation, Viadux now manages more than 1,400 customers and 2,000 vendors across multiple locations. It handles more than 500 customer orders and 800 shipments per day.

Operating costs have been significantly reduced, and the online reporting system has helped provide real-time customer insights that resulted in enhanced user experience and improved visibility and transparency. Despite the complexities that arise from a more than 50-year-old company using disparate legacy applications while undergoing an enterprise-wide implementation, Viadux was able to get rid of its legacy ERP and other systems and is poised for accelerated growth and profitability with its new cloud platform.

Viadux’s Platform Modernization Initiative won the ‘Best Imagination’ Award, at the 2018 ISG Paragon Awards, Australia.

Ramco ERP has vastly improved visibility into operations and provides real-time information to help users make strategic decisions more quickly.


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