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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly, you are doing the impossible," once said St. Francis of Assisi. This is precisely what the Ramco team did when they joined hands with India’s second largest exporter of agricultural products to co-create an unprecedented digital business framework, which not only integrated its vast network of the business lines spread across the complex rural landscape of the country, but was also flexible enough to scale and diversify as the company went global and expanded its business lines.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company has emerged of late as an image of the new innovative India. Its success story is akin to the Greek story of the phoenix, the bird that rises from its own ashes. The company reversed the course of history and from a small business division rose to become one of India’s largest, and most respected private sector companies. Currently, it is India’s second-largest exporter of agricultural products, with an export turnover of over 5 billion INR (approximately $25 million US) annually.

Apart from the sheer brilliance of the management's strategies, the company owes a lot of its success to the revolutionary digital business platform that Ramco co-created with it. The IT framework helped the company transform and revitalize the rural economy of India, while also enabling it to become the most preferred supply chain partner for agriculture and aqua products in the international market.


As part of their food business, the company sources soya bean and wheat from over 175,000 farmers in the Indian rural market. In order to access these farmers more efficiently, the company established information centers in every major village for the farmers to access. These centers, called e-Choupals (meaning electronic meeting places) enabled farmers to check market prices of their products and thereby increase profits by selling their goods at higher prices, and decrease costs by eliminating the logistical inefficiencies of the mundi auction system.

The company soon realized that it could leverage its physical presence in these rural centers to reach customers as well, and decided to establish village supermarket stores and convert its contact points in the villages into retail outlets to sell an array of fast-moving consumer goods. However, to innovate ahead of the technology curve, the company needed a business trading solution for over 2,500 diverse product lines related to its agri and aqua products, each having diverse business practices.



The company understood that its IT goals could not be achieved by deploying an off-the-shelf solution. Hence, the search began for a vendor that could build a collaborative platform to connect vast network of buyers and sellers, and at the same time, accommodate continuous changes happening in the ecosystem as well as inside the organization; a solution that could manage the inherent complexities of international agricultural trading and constantly changing regulations and tax laws, address diverse business requirements, perform well despite poor IT infrastructure (power, connectivity, etc) in rural India, manage a high level of customization at local levels and even extend multi-lingual support.

Apart from this, the company wanted a technically well-architected solution to accommodate high availability, distributed usage and high volumes. With their rapidly evolving business model, they needed a solution that would be extremely flexible. Ramco’s co-creation approach and flexibility proved to be the ideal combination.



The solution comprises an elaborate nodal platform catering to commodity blending, agricultural trading, e-Choupal and rural distribution. The solution that spans 40 ERP locations and 500 e-Choupal locations, is extendable up to 200 ERP locations and 5,000 e-Choupal locations and includes 24,000 personalized business function points and 110,000+ pre-built business function points, and over 7000 user interfaces. Its rollout in 800 distribution centers has impacted millions of the company’s customers. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface supports a variety of user profiles and products of the company.

Apart from this, the system includes modules for integrating business systems for direct agri procurement, rural distribution, e-Choupal management, exports, insurance, aqua processing, commodity blending and so on. The solution also supports 8 local languages. What's more, almost no defects in the system were reported post deployment.


  • To the company's delight, Ramco Systems has been able to set up a complete digital marketplace for the company, which offers a centralized system to manage the complex business of agri-trading. The Ramco VirtualWorks platform with pre-built components for Logistics, Sales and Financials, along with custom-built solutions for direct agri-procurement and other unique business processes of e-Choupal now provides a nodal platform to manage businesses in rural India.
  • Apart from enabling easy and transparent management of e-Choupals spread across the country, the framework has helped in eliminating logistics-related inefficiencies by removing middlemen and establishing multi-level stock visibility across the entire supply chain.

Considering the benefits that the company is enjoying by leveraging the all-pervasive digital framework, it won't be wrong to say that the efforts that Ramco and the company devoted in developing this mammoth solution have indeed paid off wonderfully well!



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