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MOFNE Experiences Better Financial Control through Ramco




Finance is indispensible to every department in the Government. Imagine a finance body having to interact with hundreds of departments, keeping track of the data, managing the financial operations and also managing the state of the national economy. This is exactly what the Ministry of Finance & National Economy (MOFNE), Sudan was doing. Naturally, this was no easy job. However, with technology growing better on a daily basis, the Ministry has found a way to deal with their pain areas.


The Ministry of Finance and National Economy (MOFNE) is the apex financial body for financial planning and economy, for the Republic of Sudan. MOFNE administers around 252 national units belonging to different line ministries. All these units interact with MOFNE for their financial needs and reporting. As the centralized body dealing with all financial matters of the State, MOFNE performs various functions that are related to its responsibilities as a regulator of the Sudanese economy including:

  • External Finance and Economic Cooperation
  • Overall Functions
  • Financial Management
  • Management of National Economy

While all these activities were being performed by MOFNE, it became imperative that the Ministry needed a lot of valuable insights into how the operations better the Nation’s economy.



Since MOFNE controls the financial operations of 252 national units, they began to feel the need for meaningful analysis and insight. Considering the impact of an action, every decision had to be taken with extreme care and caution. One little discrepancy had the potential to affect a Nation’s economy. So, the Ministry had a very important role in ensuring that everything was under control.

To help in planning, the Ministry felt the need for visibility into the status and management of funds received from various donors. MOFNE also wanted to monitor the actual spend against the budgeted spends across all ministries and their respective projects. For this, the Ministry needed to analyze the spend trend during various time frames.

One of the most important reports that MOFNE required was an analysis of the revenue earned from oil over a period of time. For this, the Ministry had to monitor the purchases made. This task would also give the Ministry a good deal of visibility into the inventory and the available stock. The same way, there was also a need to analyze the amount of money paid towards loans so that the Ministry can plan for future principal and interest repayment.



Once the needs were identified, the next task was to find a suitable vendor who could understand the gravity of the situation and provide a solution that met all the requirements without significant compromises. The main objective was to give MOFNE the confidence of having the financial situation of Sudan under total control at all times. The Ministry, after deliberation, decided to go for Ramco Business Analytics which is a comprehensive Corporate Performance Management solution with applications of Business Integrator, Business Decisions, Analytical Workflow and Planning & Budgeting.



Ramco GRP team, worked closely with key business users at MOFNE to understand their business processes and their key concerns. The following areas were identified as focus areas for analytics:

  • Multidimensional Analytical Reports and Transactional reports for detailed analysis covering Projects, Budgets, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, Loans and HR
  • A scorecard along with Key Performance Indicators were configured for the HR module

Ramco used its Analytics Implementation Framework to design and implement a solution for MOFNE. With Ramco Business Analytics, MOFNE was able to significantly measure, monitor and manage the performance across Ministries. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in budget variance across various ministries and projects
  • Visibility and control over principal and interest repayments
  • Reduced inventory levels due to better visibility
  • Ability to analyze the reports and take corrective active actions in Loans, Projects, Budgets, General Ledger, Human Resource, Inventory and Purchase Functions

Overall, it was a happy ending for MOFNE’s troubles and a happy beginning to a long and fruitful relationship with Ramco. The Ministry can now get meaningful insights into decision making, from the reports that Ramco Business Analytics helps generate. As a result, it is now able to control the country’s economy in the way that it deems best.



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