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Power Generation service provider plugs its operations into Ramco ERP



Someone has rightly said: “In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits. Unless you've got a good team, you can't do much with the other two.”

The ace team of this Hyderabad-based power generation service provider agrees no less and believes that people are the lifeblood of an organization. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company provides end-to-end support solutions to customers across the power generation spectrum, around the world.

“…Quality people make quality organization,” is the vision that has driven the company from strength to strength and has led to its exponential growth in the last three decades. The company, which once began with a modest team size of four people, has grown into a skilled workforce comprising 500 employees. Its workforce has extensive domain expertise and proven mission-critical skills in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative services to the power sector industry. The services include operations and maintenance, turnkey erection, testing and commissioning of steam, gas, and hydropower plants, overhauls, inspections, etc.

Quality of the highest order and impeccable service commitment are the core values that drive the work culture of the company and have become the hallmarks of the company’s success in the power sector industry. No wonder, it has acquired large mindshare in the power services industry and built its capacity to handle multiple power projects at the same time.


All businesses crave for growth, but managing the dynamics related to business expansion can be daunting. The company also found itself confronted with somewhat similar challenges.

In the initial years of the company’s life cycle, when its operations were limited to just a few projects, the management did not feel the need for the company to have a sophisticated and integrated IT setup.

However, as the operations expanded and the number of projects increased, monitoring the status of multiple power commissioning projects at various locations, inside India and overseas, became difficult. Also, budgeting and keeping a check on the costs of each project became an uphill task.

The company management quickly realized that to propel the business forward towards the envisioned growth, it was imperative to address the aforesaid business challenges and this couldn't be achieved without an integrated software system in place.



Hence, to tide the loose business ends, the search for an agile and comprehensive transaction management system began, which on the one hand would empower the company to manage its growing number of power projects and enable the project heads to make near-perfect project cost estimations (as project bottom-line was directly enough to scale up along with the business.

The company evaluated several ERP solutions, including Ramco Systems' RODE (Ramco OnDemand ERP)—a full-blown ERP solution, which is offered via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Since RODE is a cloud-based ERP platform, the scalability of the solution played a critical role in swaying their decision in favor of RODE.

The business modules that the company implemented include:

General Ledger, Inventory Management, Payable and Receivables Management, Purchase, Sales and Shipping, Service Management, Discrete Production, Human Resource Management System (HRMS), and Management Information System.


What the company has liked most about the RODE solution is the fact that it is a comprehensive and integrated online solution covering all business operations. Implementing RODE offered them the opportunity to implement an end-to-end ERP solution without additional investment in IT resources, which the company may have had to make had it opted for an on-premise solution.

The SaaS model brought down the total cost of ownership, which has enabled the company to focus on its ongoing power projects. Also, since RODE is a cloud-based ERP solution, the company could transition to the new system, quickly. All project locations were brought on board the ERP platform within a few weeks.

Apart from this, the management observed a few other benefits, which are enumerated below:

  • The company achieved centralized control over all its power projects.
  • The new system has enabled project heads to prepare project budgets and analyze the profitability of all projects.
  • The project cost estimation facility is also helping the company in preparing the best tender quote to bid for future projects.
  • Centralized procurement of important raw materials has resulted in cost savings.
  • Managing sub-contractors for both goods as well as services have become feasible.
  • The system generates project-wise profitability reports, which has enabled the senior management to take informed decisions.



With multiple projects in its kitty and more pouring in, the company is surely marching towards a promising future—all set to move up the value chain of power services. It is consolidating its strengths in erection and overhauling services. Going forward, the company has plans to introduce a range of new services to its portfolio. To achieve these objectives, it has plans to recruit more technical manpower and enhance the existing skills, set up a new manufacturing/workshop facility, et al. The company is hopeful of achieving these goals by effectively leveraging its powerful IT (RODE) setup.



To find out more on how Ramco can answer your needs, just drop in a mail to contact@ramco.com or visit us at www.ramco.com

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