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Prodapt chooses Ramco Services Resource Planning


About the Company

An India-based leading global software Services Company, that serves clients in the telecommunication industry across the globe. The company has office locations in the USA, the Middle East, and South Africa. It works with communications service providers, ISVs, and equipment companies, providing software services related to application development and maintenance, product engineering, testing, and quality assurance. See how they capitalized on Ramco’s solutions to integrate and optimize their operations.

Meddle and Mess: Need for Automation

  • Lack of integration between the disparate tools being used for finance, HR, timesheet and attendance, etc.
  • Trouble in invoice posting based upon the contract in the rate-card-based booking. Also, there was difficulty in billing employees based on geography-specific rates
  • Problems in actual vs. billing of resources
  • Difficulty in handling multiple locations and multiple currencies
  • The company felt the need for a solution that could:
    • Improve current business processes and track the profitability of projects effectively
    • Integrate finance with projects along with payroll
    • Ensure accuracy in employee time-booking system with proper billing and tracking to improve resource utilization
  • After analyzing several solutions, the company decided to go with Ramco SRP

Why Ramco SRP on Cloud?

  • Comprehensive functionality and in-built best practices
  • Enables the company to integrate all its processes under one solution, giving it a competitive edge
  • The low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Quick and high returns on investment (RoI)
  • Very little initial investment
  • No need for a dedicated IT team
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model ensures you only pay for what you use
  • The solution is scalable and flexible
  • It is online; goes with you anywhere & everywhere

What are the implementation highlights?

  • Implementation was completed in 4 months
  • Total tracking of projects and profitability
  • Fully-integrated Finance, HR, Time Management & Attendance, Project Management, Travel, and Reimbursement system
  • Multi-location and multi-currency capabilities
  • A globally-accessible and reliable source of HR information that is centrally manageable and scalable for the future growth of the organization
  • Provision for several rate cards like blended rate, slab, and role-based rate for project billing

Benefits: A non-stop ride to the top

  • A tightly-integrated solution helped the company optimize operations and resource utilization
  • Multi rate-card billing system gave the flexibility of billing employees with different billing rates
  • Centralized employee information helped in knowing employees globally
  • Multi-location and multi-country enterprise modeling gave great business value
  • Leave and timesheet system helped optimize employee self-service
  • Paperless, automated employee time management has improved productivity

Ramco Enterprise Suite haseliminated the operational/dataredundancies, enhanced the flow ofinformation, and significantly improvedproductivity and profitability

Kamal, Manager– Systems, Prodapt



Of course, it can! With organizations increasingly moving towards enabling a Digital Enterprise & with the Internet of Things becoming mainstream, we at Ramco Systems are using the tectonic shift in technology to drive business benefits in a manner not thinkable earlier.

We are one of the fastest growing companies focused on providing next-gen solutions for professionals in the Services industry by tightly integrating key functions such as HR and Finance with Project Management. It further provides comprehensive project tracking with revenue recognition. If you are ready to experience this paradigm shift by leveraging technology to empower the Services fraternity, take a sneak peak of what we have in store for you.

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