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Puravankara Trusts Ramco ERP


Puravankara is a name that needs no introduction in real estate circles. Known for their credibility and quality, they have successfully completed numerous projects in various Indian cities. The large Bangalore-based company has branches in Cochin, Chennai and Coimbatore, with more than 1000 employees working with them.

However, even the industry leaders find it difficult to cope with the effects of inefficiency and the case of Puravankara was no different. When they realized that their business operations were being carried out in a disintegrated fashion, they started looking out for a specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that fitted their real estate operations perfectly. Read on to find out how they improved project management and budgeting with Ramco…

Integration: The Need of the Hour

In order to overcome the inefficiencies caused by disintegrated operations, Puravankara needed:

  • A Project Management Solution with project-wise budgetary control
  • Integration of all procurement and contract billing with corresponding project budget control

Better Planning for a Brighter Future

Puravankara decided to work with Ramco to remedy the situation. Ramco implemented their Project Management Solution with Budgetary Control in a span of around three months. The implementation involved 50+ users and featured:

  • Complete integration of all procurement and contractor billing with the project budget
  • Process owner team presentation with training to end-users

Why Ramco?

Puravankara chose Ramco ERP impressed by their Project Management modules, and the solution’s inherent strengths that are influenced by:

  • On Cloud offering – This gives the client not just mobility but also flexibility in terms of configurations. There is also a clear price advantage vis-à-vis on-Premise options because of savings on infrastructure, hardware, database, manpower, etc.
  • Ease of use – Ramco’s solutions are known for state-of-the-art functionality that is absolutely easy to use
  • Quick implementation – Ramco specializes in timely implementations, along with quick and effective training of users, which makes the new solution functional in the quickest possible timeframe

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