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Ready-mix concrete producer Trusts Ramco


Ready-mix concrete producer finds a ready-made solution with Ramco!

The client is a renowned producer of ready mix cement and concrete with operations across Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Turkey & India. They manage an annual production of 10 million cubic meters, a supply chain of 600 specialized vehicles, and serve over 10000 trip orders on a daily basis. The company has been recognized as the world’s first ready mix concrete company to achieve sustainability. With best-in-class equipment and heavy investments in R&D, quality and customer satisfaction have been top priorities for the client. To hold all their commitments and priorities together, the company needed a system that made effective scheduling the very heart of their operations.

What stood in their way

The company wanted to improve the operational efficiency of its huge fleet. They wanted to better serve their existing markets and foray into new ones without having to invest in additional fleet. A system that could use their resources more optimally would help them overcome challenges such as:

  • Delivery to the customer site at minimum total cost
  • Delivery within the stipulated schedule
  • Tracking the status of the delivery and rescheduling if required

The client evaluated several vendors and finally chose Ramco as it was able to offer a simple architecture with crucial requirements like Finite State processing of GPS events, GIS interface and real time scheduling.

What Ramco has been able to offer

Ramco’s Dynamic Scheduling and Real-time Tracking solution has equipped the company with:

  • Ability to plan, control and execute total daily production, delivery and country-wide pumping programs, identified through geo-fences and GIS/GPS technology
  • State of the art modules like
    • Finite state engine to convert GPS and telemetry data from the field across 600+ trucks and sensors to business information
    • GIS engine (renders location of trucks on map, help create routes, layers, geo-fences, rules, and so on
    • Scheduling engine consolidate delivery orders in a region to serviceable dispatch schedules by identifying the optimal number of trucks and pumps
  • Dynamic status of vehicles on a dashboard with option to control trucks and to reschedule dynamically on the fly
  • Live visualization of all operations, covering the entire Supply Process, from Concrete Batching to the on-site arrival of trucks and Concrete Pumping
  • Ability to foresee potential logistical and quality issues, enabling pre-emptive action
  • Automatically re-plan the supply schedules for supplies that are behind schedule and restore the status to the original plan, by allocating more resources and reducing the truck supply interval as required

An easier life with Ramco

  • Customer places an order and then sub orders in the order management system
  • Every sub order is categorized by Plant ID, Branch ID, Pump ID, Truck ID, Site ID
  • Generated sub orders are exchanged with Ramco’s Planner & Scheduler
  • The scheduler takes into account the order size, supply rate, plant capacity, pump capacity, vehicle availability
  • The trip list is generated and approved by user before execution
  • Users trained for over a month with hands-on training at various command centers like Alain, Abu Dhabi, etc.
  • Hardware training provided through CERT and software training in modules like Finite State Engine, Tracking on Map and Scheduling


Better all the way

  • Customer improved the operational efficiency of the fleets, with instant data on truck locations
  • More command centers have been able to share the vehicles from other locations, based on demand
  • Customer satisfaction levels have increased through online and real-time monitoring of pumps and concrete
  • Ability to plan route details, stay updated on deviations and foresee delays
  • Mix details like temperature, consistency etc. can be tracked in real-time
  • Estimated delivery time can be projected and any delays planned ahead in advance
  • Complete control over all aspects of logistics

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