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Smooth run for a top facility management company with Ramco ERP


About the Customer

Being one of the leaders in an industry that is integral for the smooth functioning of most other industry sectors, is really no mean task. Imagine having all the things that you want but keeping them scattered in a haphazard fashion all around! Won’t you feel frustrated, especially when you need something specific? This is the single most important reason why Facility Management companies need an ERP to iron out the creases. This is a business sector that provides services to customers to optimize their business operations in a way that will reap maximum benefits. So, having organized information and processes in place are a sure-shot way for bettering the business. But that is where the catch is! How can it be handled? Read on to know more.


This particular client was formed as the result of a merger between two divisions - Hospitality Services and Total Solution Services. Over the years, it has emerged as one of India’s top Facility Management companies.

The company focuses on delivering benchmarked and customized Facility Management services across various industries. It has over two decades of expertise and experience that has helped clients optimize individual assets and expenditures, thereby ensuring operational and infrastructural profitability

Since its inception, the company has grown enormously. Today, it has over 800 customers and 18,000 employees across 35 cities in India. Though the company was making marked progress, something was deterring its smooth operations. The company realized that to handle the rapid growth, it had to adapt quickly and in a manner that was proportionate to its growth.

No Orderliness, No Happiness

Assisting businesses in identifying cost-effective, practical solutions for managing, maintaining, renovating, and operating their facilities requires a lot of organization of facts and information, time and analysis. As information was unorganized, the company was unable to scale up on its growth. Several of the processes were poorly organized, and in some situations, even worsened by inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions.

The company realized that an organized business process with a centralized financing system would provide a better level of understanding regarding the whole business. This was the root cause of almost all the issues they had to face on a day-to-day basis. Organizing the entire business process and adopting a uniform set of best business practices was the need of the hour.

A Full-fledged ERP that can Transform Operations

Identifying requirements was the first step. The solution that the company was looking for needed to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Have in-built best business practices of a Facility Management industry
  • Be robust, yet flexible to adapt changes
  • Be highly scalable to accommodate their increasing number of manpower services
  • Incorporate flexible enterprise modeling to account multiple legal entities and enable consolidation activities
  • Handle uniform procurement and distribution through both centralized and de-centralized procurement models
  • Reduce the disconnect between operations, billing and payroll, and thereby, reduce revenue leakages
  • Reduce malpractices/errors through role-based in-built security
  • Ensure on-time payment to reduce the attrition which is high in this industry

Once the needs were identified, what followed was an exhaustive analysis of vendors who could resolve these issues for them.

It’s Ramco ERP All the Way!


Ramco ERP has been able to address every single requirement of the company. It has been able to bring about on-time invoicing by integrating the contract management, operations and billing departments. It has also reduced the collection cycle.

The site-level profitability report has given the top management adequate visibility on how to plan and control the sites/branches/regions etc. Ramco ERP has also made it possible to calculate time and attendance by using biometric devices to gather inputs. When the company decided to go from using a centralized system to a decentralized procurement system, it had a special condition – that the controlling of the finance system alone be centralized to efficiently handle the rapid expansion of their business. Ramco’s solution was so flexible and scalable that it could support this scenario with zero customization.

The self-implementation model is far superior to the partner model. Ramco has spent time and resources on the project and is willing to partner with the company in order to realize the objectives of the implementation, considering the fact that process standardization and process orientation are still evolving in the company.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Inflexible system that is unable to adapt to changes effectively
  • No Scope for scablability
  • Lack of consolidation of activities, capability to account multiple legal entities
  • Lack of centralized procurement model
  • Too much of disconnect between operations, leading to revenue leakages
  • High probability of occurrences of malpractices because of inefficient in-built security

Implementation Highlights

  • During a mid-implementation merger, Ramco Enterprise Series could accommodate the best practices of both companies
  • Flexible to accommodate acquired and merged companies in its enterprise modeling engine


  • Scheduling and deployment of resources easily
  • Reduced attrition rate because of proper payments
  • On-time invoicing due to integrated contract management, operations and billing departments
  • Reduction of collection cycle because of correct invoice
  • Enhanced visibility from the site-level profitability report
  • Support with zero customization
  • Easy management of time and attendance
  • Complete integration of value chain processess, leading to efficiency


  • Encapsulate the best business practices of a facility management industry
  • Highly scalable to accommodate their increasing numbers of manpower services
  • Flexible enterprise modeling to account multiple legal entities and enable consolidation activities
  • Handling uniform procurement and distribution through both centralized and de-centralized models
  • Reduce the disconnection between operations, billing and payroll, and thereby reduce the revenue leakages
  • Reduce malpractices/errors through role based in-built seurity
  • Streamline processes such as employee payroll, invoicing, debtor reconciliation etc in order to drive efficiency and efficcacy


  • Solution developed specifically for the needs of the industry sector
  • Testimonials from other customers who had reaped the benefits

Can Ramco Do it for You?


Of course it can! To find out more on how Ramco can answer your need, e-mail to contact@ramco.com.

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