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Trivitron Healthcare Trusts Ramco


A forerunner in medical technology—a Trivitron product is installed in almost every renowned hospital in India

Trivitron was incorporated in 1997 to provide the vital link between healthcare and technology and to ensure that the world's best medical technologies became accessible to Indian healthcare professionals. Since its inception, Trivitron has made rapid progress in the Indian healthcare industry, reaching customers all across the country through its diversified presence across various specialties and product segments. In fact, there is a Trivitron product installed in almost every renowned hospital in the country.

Today, Trivitron is the largest Medical Technology Company of Indian origin and one amongst the Top 10 Medical Technology companies operating in India. Within a short span of just 9 years, the company's annual turnover has grown to Rs.1.1 billion (USD 23 million) with a strength of 300 dedicated employees in India and abroad.



Integrating multi-branch, multi-location and multispecialty businesses to meet corporate goals

Trivitron has been growing rapidly and has quickly established a strong network of 18 offices and over 100 distributors offering sales and service solutions across the sub-continent and neighboring countries. It has further plans to reach out to several other countries as well in a short period of time

On the business front, it specializes in delivering products and solutions in numerous areas of healthcare and medicine. The company has broadly classified itself into 6 core business divisions including Diagnostics Division, Imaging Division, Renal Care Division, Critical Care & Neurology, Surgical Technologies and Trivitech Healthcare. These divisions, though functionally independent, form an integral part of the company and are governed by the broad guidelines, values and principles of the corporate brand.

To successfully run such a complex and awe-inspiring business scenario, Trivitron needed full support from its business process systems, infrastructure and human resources. The company especially needed a streamlined and integrated Supply Chain Management system to provide the much needed difference.

The main challenge lay in the lack of such a system. Old disparate systems and manual processes greatly hampered its progress. Needless to say, this was leading to inefficient resource utilization, poor productivity and cost overruns, besides increasing time and efforts. Most importantly, decisions were being made on assumptions and not on facts.

Trivitron was aware that it was time to leave behind its old systems and processes and look forward to a new and sophisticated technology. This would be no easy task; in spite of a scenario where there are several choices, Trivitron was particular in choosing the best-fit solution that would squarely address their unique challenges and yet be scalable, flexible and ‘future ready’.


The search for the right technology and the selection of Ramco ERP

  • Trivitron runs a healthcare business, which provides highly advanced technical solutions to its customers. As a strong believer in the change a right technology can bring about, they evaluated several software solutions before finalizing upon Ramco.
  • Ramco’s expertise in healthcare, its innovative technology architecture Ramco VirtualWorks® which forms the backbone of most of its solutions, its approach and its implementation methodologies were attractive aspects. More importantly, its array of readily available technical components as well as the business process elements that combined to make composable applications a reality, added merit to Ramco.

The deployment


From the beginning, Ramco closely worked with Trivitron and identified the opportunities and challenges that could be met by deploying Ramco’s solution. With these factors identified and extensive due diligence completed, Ramco delivered its Ramco ERP for Healthcare — a highly sophisticated, web-architected, integrated online system.

As expected by Trivitron, the solution came with inbuilt security and authentication processes for every level of access, along with multiple levels of authorization for process handling capability.

Further, it provided a salient feature, ECM (Enterprise Content Management), along with the ERP. This helped to incorporate the process flow and content management. The ECM feature addressed all the related ‘input’ and ‘output’ processes that were paper dependent. The best part was the seamless integration of the ECM with the ERP.

Ramco ERP is an advanced ERP built on an evergreen technology, Ramco VirtualWorks® that enables solutions to remain relevant for years to come.

Ramco ERP at the helm

The ERP has integrated all key business processes of Trivitron, including components of their SCM such as Inventory, Procurement, Sales and Shipping. It has also helped to integrate other support functions like Finance, Import, and HR. Such seamless integration has enabled Trivitron to streamline the entire process workflow, trace and track status of any operation or process at any given point of time, unearth critical insights that could have been ignored and reduce time and effort.

With the help of Ramco ERP, Trivitron has been managing its purchase processes comprehensively and has enhanced supplier relationships. The ERP has enabled the company to support normal, capital, consignment and dropship types of procurement, besides managing multiple goods receipt for a PO, purchase budgeting & control, supplier performance ratings, VMI & Consignment Purchase, and handling complex sub-contracting processes.

Its Inventory Management has been controlled and streamlined effectively. The ERP has enabled them to achieve high inventory visibility across the supply chain, and to take quick, accurate decisions. The solution has been enabling multiple UOM, various locations, lot and serial tracking, attribute management, item planning by reorder level, aging inventory tracking and on-time stock valuation.

Dealer management portal

Trivitron has extended Ramco’s ERP access to dealers in order to track stock movement and ensure quick replenishment, thereby increasing customer service level. On the sales and shipping front, Trivitron has seen a major leap after Ramco ERP’s deployment. The system has helped the company in seeing high returns through efficient sales processes from prospecting to collection and after-sales support. At the same time, it can manage global business easily with multi-currency and multi-country support.

Trivitron can also record customer information, project sales forecasts, manage the ordering process, configure products to customer specifications, manage complex pricing mechanisms and finally, ship the product to the customer. Similarly, the entire HR and Finance function, as well as processes related to statutory requirements, have been automated and streamlined. This helps the company to increase its efficiency, reduce time and effort and augment productivity



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