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Part of a century-old respectable business group, this firm’s line of work is in shipping and related activities which has now become the core business of the group. The Company has more than 12 offices in India with business interests across the globe.

A multi-modal transport operator, this firm offers services such as Freight Forwarding and NVOCC, and also represents a major international shipping company in India. Ramco, being one of the few ERP providers with best practices for the Shipping and Transportation Industry, has helped this organization carry out its activities smoothly.

Challenges Faced

Annually, this company handles high volumes of freight from various locations and has a wide network of partners across many trade lanes. To manage such high volumes, complying with documentation & consolidation requirements of various shipments and providing quality service to its clients was becoming more and more challenging for the company.

Being a Freight Forwarding and NVOCC company, the firm:

  • Needed to manage containers, monitor inventory and revenue leading to complexity
  • Was unable to integrate finance & operations, leading to data inconsistency within the organization
  • Needed to analyze trade line & job-wise profitability
  • Required a solution for up-to-date monitoring of cargo movements from origin to destination
  • Had to generate vital documents such as bill of lading, cargo arrival notices and shipping bills

How Ramco Stepped in and Made a Difference

Ramco used its domain expertise, and solution-based approach model to offer a complete end-to-end solution for Freight Forwarding and NVOCC functions. Ramco would provide IFMS solution with Forwarding FCL & LCL, NVOCC Operations, and Container Inventory management, in addition to Financials.

Ramco Financials is a web-based, state-of-the-art Accounting and Finance Management solution that serves the needs of modern enterprises.

  • It allowed them to manage their financial accounting in a global environment
  • Multi locational access of their Financial Management System gave them better financial control, cost reduction and more profits by creating an Intelligent Enterprise

As a result of this implementation, the shipping giant could now

  • Manage tariff and free-time calculations
  • Automate the documentation of both Freight Forwarding and NVOCC, with the system automatically generating Bill of Lading and Delivery Orders
  • Manage master charges apportionment and documentation

Smooth Sailing Post Implementation

  • Seamless integration between Finance & Operations, resulting in accurate and consistent data across the organization
  • Prompt generation of documents
  • Tariff Management and Reconciliation
  • Trade lane wise Profitability Analysis
  • Addressing complex billing requirements
  • Container Inventory Management

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