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Competent Software Trusts Ramco Global Payroll


Competent Software is a Business Process Outsourcing company in the US, working with leading Real Estate Information providers since 1992. They provide a wide range of services, including data conversion, transaction processing, and web based services. They also help with desk management, thereby allowing customers to concentrate on their key business priorities and maximize the value of their IT expenditure. With an employee base of over 2000 employees worldwide, they perform over 100 million transactions per year. These transactions fall under various levels of complexities and the inflow of work is very unpredictable. The company needed to simplify the whole process and that’s where the pursuit for a best-fit solution began.

What Needed to Change

The company believed in delivering quality with efficiency and they were constantly redefining their processes to remain competitive. To maintain such a high standard of efficiency and eliminate inconsistencies, they needed to:

  • Add business value to their core HR application
  • Address complexities in absence management
  • Provide Employee Self Service access to employees with the necessary approval workflow
  • Systemize Production Workforce planning and scheduling
  • Maintain a 360 degree Performance Management System with incident tracking
  • Create and maintain panels/committees online
  • Find a system that was flexible enough to work around the existing system

How Ramco Helped to Spearhead Change

Ramco co-created the solution while catering to the following business related HR requirements that are unique to the BPO industry:

  • Production Workforce Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Seat Allocation

These modules were implemented along with other HCM modules – Leave, Time & Indian Tax Declarations— to handle employee life events with necessary approval workflow.

To deliver the solution, Ramco capitalized on the strength of VirtualWorks™ , thus providing a flexible and componentized application.

Key Highlights of the Solution

After evaluating several players, the company chose Ramco HCM. The highlights of the solution offered:

  • Production Workforce Planning: This component involves processing inputs from multiple sources and arriving at an optimum workforce plan.
  • Provision to work backwards: This will help in identifying workforce requirements to exhaust the current volume of work before target date.
  • Performance Management: A 360 degree appraisal of employees is performed according to Production, Quality and Proficiency Indices.
  • Event-based and observation-based appraisal: Appraisal of the employees on occurrence of extreme positive or negative events during each month.
  • Seat Allocation: This involves effective and efficient usage of work stations based on various projects and activities that have been mapped to employees, different configuration of work stations, planned leave, substitution, overtime and temporary allocations.

How Ramco’s Solution Makes a Difference

With an experince of over 15 years in the international HCM Application space, Ramco handles the employee life cycle in its entirety with:

  • A flexible, componentized application capable of co-existing and integrating with current systems
  • Rich and diverse experience in handling HR applications in different technology platforms
  • One stop solution for Workforce Planning, Scheduling, Seating & Panel
  • Employee Self Service enabled easily, resulting in increased Employee Engagement

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To find out more on how Ramco can answer your needs, just drop in a mail to contact@ramco.com or visit us at www.ramco.com/payroll

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