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Radisson Blu, world-renowned hotel chain, trusts Ramco



Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels are a collection of luxury hotels in over 14 prime locations in the heart of London, Heathrow, and Manchester. A leading hotel group in the UK, it is owned by Carlson, one of the world's largest hospitality businesses. Turning over more than $22bn each year, Radisson has worked hard to preserve its winning edge. And for a company, this huge, efficient management of Human Capital becomes a top priority. That’s when Ramco stepped up and made the employees ‘happy’!

What Radisson needed Ramco to do

  • To improve efficiency in processes related to employee deployment and compensation
  • Ensure automation of payroll
  • Better documentation of all HR-related processes and employee events
  • Improve employee training and professional development

Ramco’s answer to Radisson’s need

  • Implemented the HCM module withRamco ERP on Cloud
  • Payroll was fully automated
  • A single consolidated view of employee data/records made available
  • Online Employee Self-Service (ESS), allowing employees to make time off requests, file claims, communicate with HR on life events, apply for training etc
  • 35,000 pre-built function points and 3,600 personalized function points
  • Implementation completed in 6 months across 13 luxury hotel properties in the United Kingdom

Limitless capabilities achieved through quick deployment


Ramco ERP on Cloud proved to be a perfect fit right from the very beginning. Ramco worked closely with the client to clearly determine the success factors for implementation. Factors such as:

  • Top management commitment
  • An extensive scoping process to understand the nuances of the business
  • Detailed prototyping and well-documented solution requirements, paved way for increased productivity and rapid growth.

Ramco and Radisson would also need to put together a well-managed change request process and benchmark testing of performance under various volume and concurrent usage situations.

Once these factors had been identified, extensive due-diligence was completed to arrive at a glove-fit solution. Ramco’s pre-existing components included a financials application. Radisson had already begun to leverage Ramco’s client server for their payroll needs, and this was migrated to a web-based application during implementation . Ramco then engineered several custom components for business processes including:

  • Workforce Management (for conferences and banquets planning)
  • Time Sheets
  • Pay Grid (a solution that drives the employee compensation process)
  • Employee development appraisal process

Major benefits

  • Improved employee-level data security and control
  • Competency and objective-based appraisal, covering all employees
  • Custom built Pay Grid, a department level matrix for manpower and salary budgeting that enables workforce planning
  • Personalized Timesheet accommodates dynamic shifts (based on events), bi-weekly planning and capture of employee costs and time on a granular level
  • Staffing matrix helps in deploying optimum number of resources
  • Transparency and consistency in compensation fixing
  • Average Biweekly payroll processing for 2500+ employees with the complete processing time taking less than 10 minutes for the entire group of Hotels

Happy employees = Happy customers!


The luxury hotel chain is an ardent believer in managing the little details. They needed an efficient Human Capital Management system to manage a chain of 14 luxury hotel properties in the United Kingdom. With the latest in trend User Interface, that provides a user friendly and simple work space, the work-rate of the employees has increased. Ramco’s solution has helped the company automate the routine and spend even more time on wowing their customers.

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