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Ramco guarantees better tomorrow for Star Union Dai-ichi


Ramco HCM guarantees a better tomorrow for Star Union Dai-ichi!

Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance is one of the leading life insurance service provider in India and delivers personalized service through 3000 employees across its 67 company owned offices.

Challenges faced by Star Union Dai-ichi before it adopted Ramco HCM

The flip side of widespread presence across the country was the challenge to manage the geographically scattered workforce and get a 360-degree visibility and control over this dispersed workforce.
Some of the key challenges that Star Union Dai-ichi faced before it adopted Ramco HCM are

Some of the key challenges that Star Union Dai-ichi faced before it adopted Ramco HCM are mentioned below:

  • Lack of an integrated and centralized HR Data and Operations management
  • Absence of automated PMS, time and attendance process integrated with core HR processes
  • Dearth of control and visibility due to manually managed time and attendance
  • Lack of alignment with business process requirement of the company due to manually manage performance [PMS] and transactional workflows such as Leave, Confirmation Transfer modules and Exit Management
  • Absence of online information access (like personal information and employee record visibility such as Leave information) for employees on ESS matters

How Ramco help Star Union Dai-ichi to integrate its business processes?

Ramco integrated Star Union Dai-ichi's HR processes across its 67 branches managing 2500 employee records within the comprehensive suite of Ramco HCM. With Ramco, all Employee Life Cycle transactions such as recruitment and onboarding, Time and Attendance, Leave Management, Employee File and Exit Modules are automated and reside in a central database accessed pan-India.

Ramco offered the following modules to Star Union-Dai-ichi:

  • Complete suite of Ramco HCM along with new modules such as Transfer and Confirmation
  • Online Employee Self-Service Interface with auto-generated employee codes, and E-Leave and E-pay slips capabilities
  • Customized HR workflow and applications adhering to the process requirement of the Company

Business Benefits

Star Union Dai-ichi achieved significant business benefits post onboarding the Ramco HCM platform and they include

  • Single solution meets all the business nedds of managing the Human Resources
  • Online accessibility of information for all the employees saves time
  • Employees Self-Service and Automated Time & Attendance management for Payroll process contribute to cost-savings
  • Real-time Data Availability in a centralized hub removes information silos
  • Role-based WorkSpaces with Gen-Y Interfaces available on Mobile and Tablets improve usability
  • Automated reporting with intuitive user interfaces contributes to an engaging user experience

Why Ramco over competition?


After evaluating multiple players, Star Union Dai-ichi decided to go with Ramco HCM as it is comprehensive,customizable and scalable. They currently leverage the complete suite of Ramco HCM that includes Planning, Workforce Management, Talent Management, Employee Development, Payroll and Benefits.

With the GEN Y Interface and excellent functionalities, we opted for Ramco over other best-of-breed HCM offerings. Automating and streamlining our HR processes, pertaining to the insurance business line, was a mandate and Ramco was the ideal solution to all our requirements. With Ramco HCM, we are able to easily manage and engage with our geographically dispersed employees. We are happy to be associated with Ramco.

Mr. Anil DSouza, Head of HR, Star Union Dai-ichi

We would like to make a difference for your business


With 1 million+ employee records & trusted by 300+ customers across the globe, Ramco HCM is one of the few HCM solutions that are available as on-premise, cloud and managed service.

If there are any key HR challenges that you would like to address or if you would like to take a sneak peek at new age HR technologies, we would love to walk you through our Ramco HCM.Your trust is all we seek.

Please give us a shout, we will be happy to help. Mail: contact@ramco.com | Web: www.ramco.com

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