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Our client here is a company that manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, besides offering infrastructure, hosting and consulting services, in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. The company’s subsidiary in Singapore needed a solution that could unify its disparate systems for HRMS and Payroll so as to reap the benefits of common resources and a centralized control-point.

The Change that was Needed

In addition to the various inherent challenges that users faced due to disparate systems, the company had to address issues regarding compliance with communication, technology, audit, statutory and regulatory requirements. Some challenges faced, included:

  • Interfacing multiple systems for unified data posting to the global HRMS
  • Processing multiple payrolls in different entities from one application
  • Tracking loans provided to employees and ceasing loan deductions
  • Handling employee stock purchase plan
  • Generating encrypted files to transact with different banks

How Ramco Fulfilled the Need

  • On-time delivery with adherence to stringent timelines and audit/compliance requirements
  • Strong product documentation and technology backbone
  • Use of on-site/offshore model, effectively reducing cost savings
  • Use of different encryption tools to communicate sensitive information to banks
  • Coordination with multiple stake holders in different geographic regions
  • Parallel implementation for two entities with different payroll systems and delivery models

Major Benefits

Ramco played a crucial role in streamlining the work process flow and handling the employee life-cycle in its entirety. The solution proved to be a glove-fit, fulfilling all the requirements satisfactorily, while being simple and easy to use.

  • Creates business value for all stakeholders and workforce across the hierarchy
  • Enhances corporate profitability through single window access for all requirements
  • Maintains statutory compliance, arising from different environments
  • Competency-driven HR processes
  • Business rule driven processes and workflow
  • User-definable security processes
  • Built-in analytics and insightful dashboards

What Can Ramco Do for You?

Ramco’s solutions equip you with a whole new league of necessary tools and framework to manage your recruit-to-retire cycle strategically, and transform your traditional HR functions into a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) program.

  • Comprehensive and tailored solution for region-wise requirements
  • Excellent references, thanks to previous experience in the geographic region
  • Bundled with many useful tools and add-ons to make your job easier
  • Proven integration capability to third-party ERP applications
  • Dedicated offshore support team to ensure a viable costing option

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To find out more on how Ramco can answer your needs, just drop in a mail to contact@ramco.com or visit us at www.ramco.com

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