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Peps Mattresses: Revitalizing Business Operations with Ramco’s Manufacturing ERP

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Peps, a leading Indian mattress maker, saw their daily production soar from 30-40 mattresses to 1,000! Watch their CXOs discuss this incredible growth journey – powered by Ramco ERP.


  • Lack of Visual Insights for Decision-Making
  • Lack of Digitalized and Automated Processes
  • Inefficiencies in Large Scale Operations


Ramco focused on the following three pillars of digital transformation:

Siloed and disparate systems led to significant operational efforts

eCommerce Growth

Comprehensive Visibility

This enabled Peps to achieve the below-mentioned tangible business benefits:

  • Unified platform to conduct, monitor, and refine business operations in real time.
  • End-to-end digitalization and automation of processes from production, sales, and delivery, to reverse logistics.
  • Complete control of inventory holding cost to keep it constant, despite 10x growth in revenue.
  • Reduction of 90 man-days of monthly effort through integration with eCommerce portals.

Ramco's purpose-built ERP system has been a perfect fit to handle Pep’s large-scale business operations. 

About Peps

Peps Industries Private Limited (Peps) is a leading mattress brand in India, pioneering the shift towards spring mattresses in the South Indian market. Established in 2005, Peps overcame the dominance of traditional options like cotton and coir to carve a significant niche. It now captures a 56% market share in spring mattresses in India.

About Ramco

Ramco Systems offers a comprehensive cloud ERP solution. This unified cloud suite provides a 360-degree view of your business, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation across your value chain. Accessible from anywhere, Ramco empowers informed decision-making and enhanced flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

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