Ramco DecisionWorksTM

Powers BI solutions to deliver profound business insights

Ramco DecisionWorks™ is a web-architected platform for building Analytical applications in the areas of Enterprise-Wide Performance Management, Conformance Management and Information Management. Ramco DecisionWorks™ (RDW) addresses the diverse analytical requirements through the following capabilities:

Data Integration Capabilities: RDW provides Data Integration capabilities for building a “single version of truth”. It offers a comprehensive and robust data integration platform for capturing and transforming all types of data like Events, Master and Transaction data. It is also capable of connecting several disparate transaction systems. It supports multiple data integration strategies like ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and ELT (Extract-Load-Transform).

The Data Integration capabilities of RDW come with ContentWorks, which offers a model-driven architectural framework for automating the entire data warehousing software development life cycle. The built-in code generators generate code on any target ETL and DBMS platform, based upon model specification and configuration. Industry-specific physical and logical data models are generated through specifications that have been captured by modeling on ContentWorks across various verticals like Banking, Aviation etc. ContentWorks also provides the entire infrastructure for compliance reporting.

Data Integration capabilities are available in two versions—Basic and Advanced. The advanced version comes embedded with Informatica. It also provides prebuilt support for Data Quality and Master Data Management.

Querying and Reporting Capabilities: RDW comprehensively meets the enterprise-wide diverse reporting requirements like Pixel Perfect Reporting, Dynamic Reporting, Compliance Reporting, Analytical Reporting and Adhoc Reporting. It supports multiple kinds of formats and delivery modes, including support for XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language). Ease of use for the business user is enabled through wizards and pre-defined templates.

Performance and Conformance Management Capabilities: RDW enables the structured methodology for Performance and Conformance Management through the “Measure-Monitor-Manage-Analyze-Plan” paradigm. It comes with pre-built management frameworks like Balanced Scorecard, Management by Objectives etc. It integrates the various layers of management (Strategic, Tactical and Operational layers) so as to provide visibility, alignment and optimization across the enterprise. RDW supports various information objects like Key Performance Indicators, Business Rules, Events, Dimensions & Measures, Scorecards, and Dashboards. It also provides the capabilities for Business Activity Monitoring and Real-time Analytics.

Information Visualization Capabilities: RDW is a configurable platform that can create rich and varied information visualizations like Charts, Tree Maps, Strategy Maps, Cause-effect Maps, Tables, Pivot Charts, etc. It supports the end-user to “Discover-Author-Publish-View” various business insights.

Analytics Capabilities: RDW facilitates the automation of the entire planning process, including plan initiation, plan preparation, plan generation, plan evaluation and plan monitoring. It also supports the creation of various “what-if” scenarios, rule-based forecasting and linked plans. It comes with flexible, configurable workflows for automating the complete planning process and provides seamless integration for Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting.

Collaboration Capabilities: RDW offers infrastructural support for adhoc collaborations across various business users through components like Workflow, Alerts, Comments and Issue Management.

Technical Capabilities: The platform supports the development of analytical application solutions for deployment on Cloud as well as On-premise. The platform is scalable, provides tools for application manageability, is interoperable across various databases, is built on a layered architecture principle, supports n-tier deployment and empowers end-users to build, configure and distribute their content.

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