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TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited (Formerly known as TVS Logistics Services Limited) is a leading 3PL player, with six affiliate firms in India and overseas, over 140 locations, and joint ventures with firms in the US, UK, Thailand, Spain and Germany. Since they began operations in 1994, they have learnt not only to tackle challenges head-on, but also to use IT to fuel their speedy growth.

Pain Points

  • TVSSCSL handles logistics for the automotive industry - a complex affair!
  • In a manufacturing facility, over 50,000 parts are required at any point of time, of which about 5000 are fast moving
  • Stock-outs or delays in transit could lead to disruption of production process at the customer end, leading to heavy penalties for non-compliance
  • Dealing with multiple suppliers to service a single order for its clients was time-consuming; TVSSCSL needed to derive performance consistency from each agency involved
  • Home-grown IT systems and specialized accounting package being used were not enough to maintain end-to-end visibility and efficient supply chain management

Key Business Needs

  • An integrated and sophisticated ERP system that could offer most of the required modules, directly out-of-the-box, without the need for any modifications
  • A co-built SCM system to cater to specific logistical requirements
  • Multiple language support and compliance needs, as they were expanding across regions, in India and abroad
  • Scalability and flexibility to cater to future expansion

Irrespective of the high growth that we have been experiencing, we are able to scale much faster now. Say for instance, if earlier, ten people could support a transaction volume of 3 crore per person, the same ten people can now support a transaction volume twice than before, that too with the existing infrastructure.

Dr. R. Arunachalam, Chief Information Officer, TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited (Formerly known as TVS Logistics Services Limited)

We have expanded dramatically, using IT. Currently, we have 140 locations in India compared to 45 locations in 2005, the year we deployed Ramco ERP system. Since then, we have witnessed three-fold expansion.

Solution Offered

Ramco’s integrated Logistics Software provided comprehensive functionality and in-built best practices that enabled the company to integrate all its processes under one solution, giving it a competitive edge. The solution, which was both scalable and flexible caters to international laws and compliance requirements.

  • Improved efficiencies of scale
  • Easy and dynamic expansion
  • Single version of data across the organization
  • Access to real-time information, across management, employees partners and customers
  • Customers get status alerts on shipments via the mobile gateway, about potential delays or on-time placements
  • Reduced costs, because of streamlined processes
  • Self-service access for customers through a dedicated customer web portal

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