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Supplier Relationship Management

Make Informed and Well-considered Purchase Decisions

With Ramco SCM Supplier Relationship Management, you can effectively manage your entire procurement process. You can streamline your procurement function, and transform it into a strategic weapon. You can source the right materials and services—quickly and cost effectively. You can enhance relationships with your suppliers and identify cost saving opportunities. The solution also enables you to support and coordinate with various departments, particularly with the accounting department. In addition, you can automate the ordering process through MRP (Material Requirement Planning) & reorder planning and enable alert mechanism via SMS and Email.

Ramco SCM also offers excellent tools to manage third-party subcontractor relationships efficiently.

Supplier Management

Know your suppliers better

Ramco SCM Supplier Management allows you to capture details of approved vendors and analyze and monitor their performance over time, objectively. You can store details such as rates, lead times, minimum and maximum order quantities, and use this information to formulate RFQ strategies. You can release RFQs to various vendors, compare quotations, and take the right decisions based on past performance of the supplier, prices quoted, etc. You can also map appropriate tax regions and tax categories for suppliers and items to enable hassle free transactions with the right tax calculations.

  • Manage your suppliers, define performance parameters and rate your suppliers
  • Take better procurement decisions using supplier information
  • Utilize statutory setup options to ensure the right tax, excise and other statutory calculations


Buy the Best for Your Business

Ramco SCM Purchasing adapts to your ways of doing business - generate automatic purchase requests based on rules, enter multiple items in a single order, record purchase orders from one time/regular suppliers, use the Purchase Quotation route or create direct purchase orders, and do a lot more. You can also receive goods, track lot/serial numbers and check for quality, match with the original purchase order, allow for tolerances and document accordingly. You can control purchase of high value goods and capital items by providing budgets. You can enforce buyer control during RFQ, Quotation and Ordering stages.

  • Mould the application to your business needs, not the other way round
  • Follow industry best practices for purchases
  • Have the desired controls over your purchases


Taking Stock of Goods Received Made Easy.

Ramco SCM Receiving helps you execute all the necessary processes involved in goods receipt. You can check and record both the quantity and quality of goods, and return defective goods, if any, to the supplier with a rejection note. You can record details such as attributes, supplier lot/serial information, quality agency details, etc. - of the incoming material in great detail. The solution is integrated with Ramco Quality to ensure a seamless experience. The simplified and elegant Goods Receipt interface allows for faster data entry.

  • Record comprehensive details related to goods received
  • Perform multiple transactions in a single screen and save time and effort required for multiple data entry.
  • Compare and document quality of goods received with the related expectations stated in the purchase order.


Evaluate and Identify Cost-effective Sources for Subcontracting.

Ramco SCM Subcontracting offers many tools for effectively managing the complete subcontracting process. Seamlessly integrated with Ramco Inventory, Purchasing and Finance, the solution helps you evaluate and identify cost effective sources, manage and control material issues and receipts. You can benefit from effective order management with pricelist and BOM-based ordering capabilities, track items in work-in-progress (WIP), track item-wise and supplier-wise information on any given date, and oversee automatic reconciliation of the issued items.

  • Manage the complete subcontracting process—end-to-end.
  • Benefit from effective Order Management with Pricelist and BOM based ordering capabilities.
  • Track items in WIP, get item-wise and subcontractor-wise information on any given date.


Manage Overseas Suppliers with Ease and Agility.

With Ramco SCM Imports you can procure items from different geographies with multiple currency options. The solution supports efficient cargo tracking and clearance for imports. The solution has built-in template for ‘Letter of Credit’ related payment terms, required for completing import documentation. Additionally, the solution supports creation of bonded warehouses, import duty and assessable value calculations, and import duty payments.

  • Specify and utilize multiple currency options for overseas suppliers.
  • Quickly prepare import POs using features like in-built Letter of Credit template.
  • Track import purchases and receipts, efficiently, and cut down costs.
  • Ensure statutory compliance with duty calculations and payments.

Supplier Portal

Provide an Information Window to Your Vendors.

Ramco SCM Supplier Portal helps you set up an information enablement platform for your suppliers/vendors. New vendors can register with you using this platform, and you can bring them under the approved vendor list after due diligence. By accessing this portal, your suppliers can get real-time information on total outstanding, status of purchase orders, goods receipt and return status, etc. With this, your suppliers are more closely aligned to your supply chain and can plan their operations better.

  • Enable vendors to access real time information, independently, anytime from anywhere.
  • Put interaction with suppliers on a hands-free mode and save time and effort.

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