The Aviation World Comes Together @ RUM!

April 3 - 5, Napa Valley, USA

As the sun set, the Castello di Amorosa lit up and a palpable sense of excitement descended on the beautiful resort. It was the beginning of RUM—a three day (April 3rd to April 5th) meet of Ramco Users, and the magnificent castle, with its fine wine and delicious dinner brought together the great minds of Aviation. The fire dance added spice to the technologically stimulating gathering, making customers taste fire! The night ended with a surprise gift awaiting users in their rooms at the Meritage Resort, Napa Valley.

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Day 2 began at the resort's conference hall. An action-packed curtain raiser took customers through a nostalgic journey of Ramco's journey over the years. Mr. PR Venketrama Raja, the VC & MD of Ramco Systems, kick-started the event with the theme "Listen to the User", and gave the gathering a sneak preview of Ramco's future plans. This was followed by an unfolding of Ramco's technological philosophy – 'MUSIC'—a score that was handled deftly by CEO, Mr. Virender Aggarwal.

And then it was time for the Users to present their evidence! Mr. Scott Barnesson from Amazon, explained how NASA, Shell, NASDAQ, Lionsgate were being powered by AWS. Next, Mr. Bob Buchanan (CHI, world's largest operator of 234 Chinooks and 107 Vertols) took the audience through a very interesting journey of their operations in remote locations (fighting fires, laying electric lines, logging, etc) and how being offline with Ramco ensured that the systems stayed connected with Main Base with greater accuracy, as against staying online with erratic connectivity!

PHI went on a roll with Raylund's, Bourdeaux and Thibodeaux Cajun jokes—a great comic interlude to the event. Thiru of PHI showed how PHI achieved better than 2 sigma in inventory accuracy and also saved millions of dollars in warranty from one vendor alone using Ramco. With ORNGE on stage, Mr. Robert Zwanenburg explained how easy and exciting it was to make mechanics switch over to Ramco from manual mode to online reporting - the key was step-by-step instructions and manuals that helped to Keep It Super Simple (KISS)! Robert's presentation was the perfect prelude to Ramco's presentation on the product roadmap.

Sam from Ramco's Aviation team, elaborated on our approach to simplicity with Workspaces/Alerts (Data Driven, Enterprise Search including Multi attribute capability, Role oriented UIs, etc.) The initial response was great, with customers on older versions showing keen interest on migrating to the new version. The highlight of the event was that the CAB (Customer Advisory Board) touched the user community directly. Nambi from Ramco presented the Charter for CAB, followed by a panel discussion that was moderated by the CEO himself. It was a productive debate on composition, approach and engagement mechanism. The day ended with a trip to Artesa Winery and exploring the valley's beauty.

The next day started with an inspiring talk by Coupa, covering the tech track. The most alarming month end processes became easy with Tonya Gilbert explaining how it could be done using Ramco's solution. The next interesting session was SIMPLYF(L)Y, elaborating in initiatives to integrate with customers' M&E systems for data exchange. This would help them to fly more by increasing flight availability.

Ramco's solution partner- ESIS touched upon TAT improvement by working closely with the vendors. Changing with the change- a hassle free and simple product migration 'how-to' was thrown light on by Sam and Mohan of Ramco, leading to an interactive session. The event wrapped up with a quick recall of all that happened, by the CMO- Mr. Harsh Vardhan with an invitation to RUM'14 as well.

The Aviation minds had a RUM time, blending technological insights, business and fun and frolic!

The RUM time is on.





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