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Better Understanding Business Aviation Maintenance Tracking Software

In this article in AvBuyer magazine, Ramco Aviation’s AI/ML powered solution finds a mention on how it addresses the key needs of the challenging business aircraft maintenance needs

Covid-19 calls for overhaul of HR, workplace practices and the need for chief health officers

Ramesh SivaSubramanian, Chief GEEK at Ramco Innovation Lab pens a commentary stating the need to harness next-gen technology to address four critical areas required for organisations to obtain workplace safety

Absence of real-time collaboration among port stakeholders is the real challenge: Harsh Vardhan, Ramco Systems

In an exclusive interview with Indian Transport & Logistics News, Harsh Vardhan, president & head – ERP Solutions, talks about Indian ports, bottlenecks in the port ecosystem, need for real-time monitoring facilities and solutions offered by the company.

Covid-19 triggers two logistics foot races; Winners will need algorithm steroids

Battle lines have been dramatically redrawn for two important parts of the supply chain. How rapidly and decisively third party logistics managers adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning to their current digital platforms will determine the victors.

AI / ML : Steroid of choice for smart warehouses

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, writes an article for The Business Times on how 3PL managers must adopt AI / ML to overcome supply chain challenges caused by increase in speed & order flow volume


The Enterprise World features a commentary piece by CEO, Virender Aggarwal, highlighting how companies are abandoning finger/ thumb scanning systems, and how an integrated Facial Recognition with Thermal Screening is the need of the hour.

How AI & IoT can minimise frequent touching of surfaces in public places

Analytics India Magazine's recent article throws light on how AI and IoT tech can reduce the spread of COVID-19. RamcoGEEK! embedded with Thermal Screening gets featured as well.

No more lip service. Time for a true digital transformation

This article by Ramco Systems in The Business Times discusses the urgent need for the corporations to embark on the immediate digital transformation journey, which will be useful in a post-COVID world

Two-Faced Tech

Outlook Business’ recent article throws light on how the Facial Recognition market is expected to more than double. RamcoGEEK with Integrated thermal scanner gets featured for its secured, fraud proof, AI and FR powered Technology.

Will 2020 ‘black swan’ event finally tip enterprises towards digital transformation?

Ramco pens a strident commentary for the Edge Markets Malaysia, around the cultural and technological shift arising due to the two unprecedented problems that have paralyzed the world, to prevent corporate extinction