Ramco ERM for Equipment Rentals & Services

Manage multiple facets of your rental business effectively. Strategize to win. Be the best.

As an equipment rental and hire organization, your business thrives on multiple factors such as efficient customer service, maximum fleet utilization, strategic rental terms, and cost-effective asset lifecycle management. It is a large canvas to work on, and unless you have an integrated and efficient business processes plus real-time visibility and complete control over the business performance parameters, it is difficult to survive, let alone succeed.

Ramco Equipment Rental Management (ERM), a comprehensive, fully-integrated out-of-box solution provides real-time information on the fleet availability, rental operations metrics, customer billing and fleet maintenance. The solution streamlines and organizes rental business information using powerful reporting and graphical dashboards.

You can choose from multiple deployment options – cloud or on premises. Ready to use within weeks, Ramco ERM on cloud enables drive customer service, growth, and profitability by freeing up valuable resources – capital, management and technical bandwidth needed in managing traditional IT solutions. Its mature and comprehensive industry-specific features support various types of lease and rental contracts, new and used equipment sale, parts sales, and equipment services.

Completely Integrated Rental Solution

Say goodbye to disparate silo systems. Weave together all facets of your business into a fabric of success.

Consolidate every dimension of your rental business onto a common, powerful platform. A completely integrated solution, Ramco’s ERM solution eliminates the need for multiple business applications and data-entry points. It also makes real-time information available from a single source, without the need for constant manual intervention.

  • Ensure a tight link between leasing and receivables with integrated financials
  • Benefit from a single solution for inventory, procurement and sales management
  • Monitoring and control equipment/ fleet availability, condition, performance, lifecycle cost and profitability with integrated maintenance management
  • Manage your organization’s most important asset – people, with integrated human capital management

Improved Profitability and Maximum Returns

Plan, monitor and control revenue & cost. Boost ROI like never before.

Enhance equipment / fleet utilization, performance and profitability. Ensure automatic and accurate invoicing as per contract terms, reduce lifecycle cost of assets, and improve overall profitability with increased revenue collection and controlled fleet expenses.

  • Increase fleet uptime through optimum maintenance strategy planning and real-time equipment health tracking
  • Plan, Monitor and control repair expenses using Maintenance Budget
  • Monitor and control operational and labor expenses

Real-time Monitoring of Performance Metrics

Stay on Track Always. Gauge the Rental Business Real time.

You should never be short of information for quick decision making, especially concerning the status of business parameters like fleet utilization, profitability, revenue flow, fleet age, etc. With Ramco ERM, you can stay atop the figures, with transactional level data presented as dashboards and reports for quick and easy online analysis. Forget having to wait for daily, weekly and monthly reports

  • Make the most of dynamic and configurable graphical dashboards for real-time analysis of rental metrics
  • Online analysis of business performance together with dashboards that are compatible with a range of portable devices (tables, mobile phones, etc.) ensures “on-the-go” monitoring of key rental metrics

Improved Customer Service through Flexible Rentals and Accurate Billings

Nothing is more important than the customer. And nothing pays as much as true customer delight.

Every customer is different and every customer’s business model and rental contract may vary. Ramco’s ERM understands this and entrusts you with the power to configure rules and terms for different customers, with minimal effort. The system also avoids manual invoice generation and ensures accurate and timely invoices to customers. The result is increased corporate revenues and more satisfied customers.

  • Make sure every single customer is happy, with our flexible and configurable rental rules and options
  • Benefit from timesheet-based billing for actual and overtime usage
  • Automatic invoicing of lease orders ensures on-time and accurate invoicing to customers

Single Solution for All Revenue Models

Out of box capabilities for multiple business models

In order to mitigate risks, provide holistic service and remain competitive, many rental and service companies adopt multiple business models in addition to ‘Pure Rentals’. If such is your case, you still need not deploy multiple business applications! Ramco ERM has in-built capability to support several functions:

  • Rentals, with or without operators
  • Sale of equipments and spare parts
  • Maintenance and repair services for third party equipments
  • Training services for customers
  • Project management for rentals

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Make safety a practice. Imbibe it as a way of life in your company.

All companies, whatever the industry, have to abide by a growing number of laws that ensure operational safety and health. Cost of non-compliance can be a telling blow to the businesses! Ramco’s solution helps you to ensure that operations are controlled and monitored through well-defined compliance permit systems. It also includes several features to implement operational safety


  • Manage and monitor complete employee details, including certifications, qualifications and licensing details
  • Ensure safety and accountability using in-built work permit system
  • Manage audit records for all compliance activities within the system for future use in safety inspections

360-Degree View of Rental Operations

Analyze all happenings. Understand Your Business. Be smart, work smart!

Tons of data can end up being useless unless it is accompanied by the right tools to crunch and analyze. The super analytical features of Ramco ERM help you to make well-informed and smart decisions, and also to plan effectively for all-round success.

  • Ensure information at your finger-tips, with our integrated homegrown business intelligence tool – Ramco DecisionWorks
  • Make the most of corporate performance monitoring using key performance indicators (KPIs), analytical reports and balanced scorecards
  • With the ability to configure and view reports on portable devices like tablets and mobile phones, take your business with you, wherever you go!

Looking for a solution that guarantees best performance at optimal CAPEX and OPEX?

Ramco’s Integrated EAM Solution gives you “Power of One” by catering to your Asset Management, Supply Chain, HR and other functions, all in one place

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