Third Quarter Fiscal 20-21 Results

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Digital Transformation, Inspired by Innovation – Annual Report 2020

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Fiscal Year 19-20 Highlights

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13%Growth YoY

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In the world of business today, speed matters more than anything else, and Digital Transformation will be possible only when organizations are agile. Transforming operations will bring in operational excellence that will be driven by technology thus paving way for innovation and excellence. This is where Digital Transformation steps in. We, at Ramco, continue to emphasize on the fact that a true Digital Transformation is all about results that should be driving an improvement that is not just incremental but substantial. What was expected to become a need by 2025, has now become urgent and important.

One of India's largest business conglomerates Goes Live on Ramco

Chennai - October 7, 2020

Chennai, INDIA – October 07, 2020 – Global cloud enterprise software provider, Ramco Systems announced that one of India's largest business conglomerates has successfully gone live on Ramco Contract Workforce Management System with Payroll to efficiently manage the organization’s 55,000+ contingent workforce, across its Steel, Energy, Infra, and Ports division.

Ramco’s comprehensive Contract Workforce Management Solution addresses the complete lifecycle right from Budgeting, Contract Employee Onboarding, Roster Creation to Time & Attendance Consolidation, Payroll Consolidation, and Contractor/ Statutory Report generation.

With modules for Payroll, Onboarding, Time and Attendance, Wage/ Bill Simulation, bundled with Mobility features, vendor portals for contractors and statutory remittance portals, Ramco’s solution has enabled the organization seamlessly manage every single contract worker that is a part of the ecosystem. The integrated ‘Aadhar Card Validity’ feature also enabled the company to comply with the safety regulation and employee duplicity across its plants.

“With the emergence of contingent workforce, organizations today are looking for applications that can help them address role-based staffing in a timely, cost-effective way, to achieve economies of scale,” said Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems. “Infused with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ramco’s comprehensive Contract Workforce Management System has been preparing organizations manage their new-age workforce in a seamless way. The successful implementation and go-live covering 55000+ contract workers at one of India’s largest business conglomerates is a key milestone that will pave way for many organizations to embark on a digitalization journey.”

Contract labour has become a necessity in today’s cut-throat environment. In order to remain competitive, efficient and cost effective, it has become imperative for an employer to restructure the organisation, modernise the technology, and rely more on contract labour. While engaging with a contract workforce gives the flexibility to attract skilled expertise, address seasonal demands or control labour costs, most companies are not really ready for it. Apart from wages, there are many sensitivities involved in dealing with contract labour workforce, a crucial one being statutory and regulatory compliance, to provide a happy and result oriented workforce for maximum output and efficiency. Ramco’s Contract Workforce Management System helps large organizations seamlessly manage contractor and their employees while ensuring adherence to statutory laws and plug revenue leakage.

About Ramco Systems
Ramco is a next-gen enterprise software player disrupting the market with its multi-tenant cloud and mobile-based enterprise software in HR and Global Payroll, ERP and M&E MRO for Aviation. Part of the USD 1 billion Ramco Group, Ramco Systems focuses on Innovation and Culture to differentiate itself in the marketplace. On the Innovation front, Ramco has been focusing on moving towards Active ERP leveraging Artificial Intelligence and  Machine Learning by building features such as Talk It - which allows transactions to be carried out by simple voice commands, Bot it – which allows users to complete transactions using natural conversations; Mail It – transact with the application by just sending an email; HUB It - a one screen does it all concept built to address all activities of a user; Thumb It – mobility where the system presents users with option to choose rather than type values and Prompt It – a cognitive ability which will let the system complete the transaction and prompts the user for approval.

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