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Global consulting giant eliminates 70% data entry with Ramco payroll


A case of how AI/ML engine in Payroll helps in driving Accuracy and Better Turn around

This case is about a global consulting company providing solutions in strategy, consulting, technology and operations, across 40+ industries. With 4,50,000+ people serving clients in over 120 countries, it drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

Perhaps it is this shared vision of leveraging innovation that led the consulting company to partner with Ramco Systems to manage its payroll that’s massive in its scale and complex in its permutations. Ramco enables them to process high volumes of employee data and payroll for 75,000+ employees in the Philippines.

As the largest and most diversified IT & BPO player in the Philippines, the consulting company had the following payroll-related tasks to accomplish:

  • PAY 75,000+ employees every 15 days
  • HANDLE 900+ pay components, which included 80+ types of overtime
  • DEAL with 100K+ recurring pay components, 200K+ non-recurring pay components and 200K+ overtime-based inputs
  • And all this had to be done with just a 5-7 day cut to payments

Prior to Ramco

Manually managed operations depended on random checking for a sample sets to validate their process and found that discrepancies could creep into several areas such:

  • 50+ reports for both pre and post-payroll processing were being done manually
  • Incomplete OT computation
  • Manual exit payroll process
  • Incorrect input amount (meal allowance, compensable allowance, maternity pay, etc.)
  • Missing inputs (quarterly bonus due but not advised)

Thus, faced following challenges

  • Cumbersome: Huge volumes of data to be frequently verified to process payroll for 75,000+ employees
  • Time-consuming: Bi-monthly payroll with 900+ pay components, receiving around 2.4 million interface records, with arrear processing for 14 cycles
  • Unwieldy and complex: Multiple iterations of checking and cross-checking due to the absence of an automated system
  • Lack of integrated systems: Data for many payroll permutations (bi-monthly, 900+ pay components, etc.) sourced from multiple systems-need was felt for a better-integrated ecosystem

After Ramco

Ramco Systems implemented digitally Managed Payroll Services powered by Ramco's Global Payroll platform in the Global Consulting firm, helping them achieve efficient payroll processing and reporting.

  • Accurate: Ramco’s Artificial Intelligence infused Global Payroll solution detects payroll anomalies, processing high volumes of employee data and payroll for 75,000+ employees with over 99% accuracy
  • Timely: Automated payroll reduces efforts significantly- payroll processing time is slash to less than half. Now down to 5 days, from 12 days
  • Simple & Easy: Ramco Global Payroll streamlines and automates payroll processes- making the seemingly complex task look easy
  • Well-integrated: Integrated with legacy applications, Ramco’s Global Payroll solution covers over 900+ pay components and extends the ability of the solution to develop 100+ custom reports covering Payroll Controls, SOX Compliance, Statutory, and much more
  • Data security and discreetness: Given the sensitivity of payroll data and the need to protect the salary of employees across various pay bands, Ramco helped process payroll in separate processes for separate bands

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