Ramco Aviation Suite

Eliminate the hassle of managing various ‘point solutions’ for your mission critical operations.

With fuel prices increasing and competition getting more intense by the day, the Aviation industry is in the throes of enormous challenges. Automation of operations and optimization of efficiencies has become essential. The Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite is the most powerful suite of enterprise-wide M&E/MRO software available in the aviation industry, as it has been built specifically to address the business and regulatory requirements of the industry.

The solution can help aviation businesses bring the best practices to all engineering and maintenance operations and reduce overhead costs, manage inventory more effectively, increase aircraft availability, reduce AOG (aircraft on ground), and control operations on a business-for-profit basis.

Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite covers the entire spectrum of maintenance operations—from maintenance planning to line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability and engineering, and technical records. It also provides efficiencies in Human Resource Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Warranty, Maintenance, Financials, Third Party Maintenance and Sales. Its integrated business intelligence tools allow you to measure monitor and manage with the advanced analytics

Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite can easily expand and adapt to accommodate new or changing business processes. The Suite is a business process-oriented web-centric solution that can be installed on-premise to optimize your internal infrastructure, or on-Cloud within a secure data centre to provide a modern and reliable delivery, which does not call for a high initial investment in setting up the infrastructure and allows for moderated cash flows.

Manage the Sea of Technical Records

Untangle the puzzle of engineering information.

Using Ramco software, you gain visibility into aircraft and component configurations, streamline maintenance programs and manage the impact of Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. Ramco Aviation Solution is designed based on MSG-3 concepts, which enforce a task driven approach.

The Fleet Status Dashboards present a bird’s eye view of the performance of aircraft or fleet, across your organization—encapsulating key information while highlighting the immediate action items.

  • Make use of our flexibility to cope with permutations of allowable parts—from interchangeable to intermixing rules, MEL & CDL restrictions, etc.
  • Track Value and Cost, based on sophisticated component lifing counters like Retirement Index Number (RIN), Sling Loads (SL) in addition to Flight Hours and Flight Cycles, amongst others.
  • Get instant access to OEM Reference Manuals (AMM, CMM, SRM, etc.), using the Ramco ePublications™ feature.

Achieve Supply Chain Control

Lower your procurement lead time, reduce inventory holding costs.

Ramco Aviation Suite’s Advanced Supply Chain module helps you manage your inventory and procurement cycles, while also providing a framework to ensure that the parts are valid and certified from induction to disposal.

Dashboards aid material planners in making decisions with respect to unsatisfied material requests. Buyers are aided through supply chain performance tools to gauge the consumption history of parts, vendor performance ratings, and supply vs. demand visibility. The solution automates the complete inventory management cycle—from inventory tracking and replenishment to warranty management by minimizing the hassles of managing inventory of various ownerships like customers & PBH, and automating initiation of warranty claims based on component failure.

  • Leverage an advanced and eco-friendly solution to establish lean and agile supply chains.
  • Automate inventory replenishment using pull-based multi-echelon demand matrices
  • Utilize Bar-Coding and RFID capabilities to track and transfer materials in and out of inventory
  • Eliminate paper based communication with vendors with our exclusive eProcurement™ Solution which is spec 2000 compliant

Planning & Execution Simplified

Intuitive planning cockpit for Maintenance planners, Production planners, and Supervisors.

Every airline operates through different environments (desert, marine, polar routes, etc.) and subsequently requires additional special inspections and checks on top of the standard maintenance procedures. Ramco Aviation Suite not only allows you to address these requirements, but also gives you the flexibility to plan for ‘Maintenance, Materials and Manpower’ well in advance—much before the aircraft lands in your facility.

Our solution equips the planners to view the due list via the intuitive graphical Gantt charts. Packages can be created in a single click and released to the production teams in various hangars, shops and line stations.

The production supervisor can view Gantt-based graphical screens to continuously monitor Work In Progress (WIP) and gauge bottlenecks, if any. The maintenance technicians are provided with a user-friendly interface to perform work, and record non-routines and request for material.

  • Have access to an easy to interpret graphical view of work center loads to enable manpower optimization.
  • Streamline costs through our exclusive solution for managing Ship or Shelf (SoS) items.
  • Monitor progress of both parent assembly and sub-assemblies, with provision to strip all components, piece parts and provide disposition across work centers.

Ensure Continual Airworthiness with Maintenance Best Practices

Quality in a service is not what you put into it, but what the customer gets out of it.

Tracking internal work compliance is just one piece of the puzzle; Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite can also help you manage all third party maintenance work reporting, record compliance for due tasks, and track compliance history.

Our in-depth Reliability functions help you avoid sleepless nights before submission of reports to Regulatory Authorities

  • Effectively track and manage third party work compliance.
  • Conveniently comply with regulatory report submission requirements by leveraging the pre-built system functionality.
  • Canned and user customizable reports available meet standard periodic and monthly reporting requirements for EASA; DGAC; CAA; FAA and JAR amongst others
  • Effectively control Hard Time and Life Limited parts

Manage Flight Operations Remotely

Why wait until the aircraft lands?

Ramco Aviation Series 5 software interfaces with Flight Operations systems to receive Flight Hours and Flight Cycles’ information (commonly known as OOOI times), and feeds the data automatically, ensuring that all aircraft and component times are updated correctly. This process minimizes human errors and ensures accurate information for tracking the life of the aircraft and its components. You can record flight problems and delays in detail for effective planning.

  • Track the life of aircrafts and their components, proactively, with precision.
  • Report in-flight problems, flight delays and pilot reported discrepancies during flight and the plan for maintenance, material and manpower is ready even before the aircraft visits the station.
  • Ramco EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) has been certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as an approved paperless method of data collection at select operators.

Seamless Contract to Invoice Cycles

How to control TAT and enhance profits when you have disparate systems for contracts, work execution and billing?

From setting up your Customer Master to Pricing Lists, Contractual Agreements to Multi-stage invoicing, our MRO Sales module ensures that while you execute Customer Work Orders, the Job costing engine automatically accrues costs. This allows operators to keep an eye on agreed customer budget caps and incorporate approvals as and when required. You can choose from seamless invoicing options through various pricing mechanisms

  • Track costs while you execute customer work orders to ensure you know, in real time, when you have reached the upper limit of the agreed customer budget cap.
  • Various pricing mechanisms to manage Fixed Price as well as T&M, Effectivity, and Inclusions & Exclusion
  • Seamless invoicing - collects all incurred expenses from the maintenance modules, and applies the pricing policies defined in the contract

A One Stop Shop for Corporate Performance Management

Gauge the health of your operations and address the bottlenecks, proactively.

Spanning from Business Intelligence to Alerts, and Workflow to Data Warehousing, Ramco’s Aviation Analytics module provides a window into your complete operations and can drive sound business decisions to gain competitive advantage.

Ramco Aviation Analytics is integrated with Ramco's Maintenance & Engineering and MRO Suite, and is also designed to integrate with other legacy systems that lack critical data intelligence and reporting. By leveraging the solution, Executives/Managers/Decision makers can gain critical insights into the health of the organization and drill into detailed information on need basis.

  • Effectively measure the performance of various goals through system generated metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Gain access to features that enable graphical trend comparisons through balanced score cards and many other tools.
  • Multi-dimensional, pre-built analytics empowers senior managers in your organizations to analyze department, group and organizational performance.

Manage your Most Critical Business Asset – The Human Resource

Ensure you have the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

Fully integrated with Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite, Ramco Human Capital Management (HCM) makes it easier to manage employee records, systematically and comprehensively. You can manage their qualification, licenses & skills, training, and much more. Based on these details, your maintenance team can manage employees within the organizational requirements and assign employees with the right certification at the right location. You can also plan for employees’ training and development programs and set future milestones for their career growth.

  • Gain complete control over your employees’ working hours and ensure discipline by setting transparent time and attendance management system.
  • Manage and develop training programs to groom employees’ skills and get them ready for key positions.
  • Select appropriate career plans for all employees based on their competency and help them realize these milestones.

All-inclusive Financial Capabilities

Check the pulse of finances and ensure sound business health.

Ramco Aviation Series 5 is perhaps the only application in Aviation M&E segment that provides comprehensive financials capabilities covering Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets Management, General Accounting and Costing integrated with core aviation maintenance functions.

Ramco solution is capable of catering to the requirements of multi-national global enterprises as well as small organizations with local operations. You can track revenue and non-revenue flight hours, perform job order costing and track and value of your rotable and other fixed assets as they are installed and removed from various aircraft.

  • Integration with Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Maintenance ensures there are no mismatched figures and audit nightmares for your accounting department.
  • Inbuilt seamless integration with materials management functions for optimizing payments and balancing cash flows so that you can reduce transaction costs, significantly and achieve effective collaboration with suppliers.
  • Integration with Sales and Maintenance functions enables the system to automatically consolidate all expended resources such as parts and labor from work orders.

Personalize it!

What if we let you decide what you want to see, and how you want to see it?

Our solutions help in making a seamless transformation of core business processes to IT enabled processes – a possibility. Right from an in-built workflow engine to model-based portal development kits that can be accessed through the iPad and other mobile devices, we offer a range of tools to allow you to extend the scope of your business application as your business grows.

  • Personalize your menu entries and design portals with simple drag and drop functions.
  • Get new user interfaces without waiting for new versions from the Ramco product team.

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