ERP Implementation - A horror Story ?

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Came across an interesting ebook recently published by Software Advice - a Gartner company (this blog is in collaboration with the same). The ebook helps understand where others went wrong and what you can learn from them to ensure a smooth ERP system implementation at your organization. It also talks about some of the best practices for avoiding ERP system implementation failures.

Software advice not only examined 22 high profile ERP system implementation Projects from the past decade that were dubbed failures, but also looked at the common factors behind the implementation failures in the sample culled from news report, various blog posts, securities and exchange commission and court dockets.

The ebook talks about change management as one of the major driving factors in half of the implementation failures. The second most important driving factor was the problem stemmed from the organization's functional requirements for the ERP software not being met. Another factor was the management either buying the software without asking IT about it or without the assistance of the vendors ERP implementation services. (a point I completely ignored in my last article on how to avoid implementation failures)

The ebook also talks about lawsuits filed by companies against ERP systems vendors in cases where the platform could not support their core functionality without a customization. Had the company researched the system's capabilities in depth ahead of time, situation that ultimately caused lighter pockets for both the vendor and customer might have been avoided.

Shaun Butler, marketing manager for ERP services says that meticulous scoping, planning and attaching all actions in the organization to the workflow and then optimizing for that is what makes ERP system implementations successful.

Ramco Systems has a history of about 20+ years in successful implementations. At Ramco we have always focused on the following areas in our past and ongoing ERP system implementations :

  • The right Methodology
  • The Sense of collaboration
  • KPI analysis – Self assessment
  • Setting right Expectations
  • The People’s factor and change management
  • The risk management consideration

Not every ERP system implementation is a horror story—far from it, in fact. When carefully and properly implemented, modern ERP system packages can provide a tremendous return on investment while giving stakeholders unsurpassed visibility into their firms’ inner workings.

This blog is in collaboration with Forrest Burnson's ebook on How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failures. For further details and advice on How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure visit

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