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Cloud Payroll Services – Why is it a must have and top advantages

Be it a large multinational company, an SME, a start-up, or a local business, paying employees the right salary at the right time is a must-do. Untimely payments, erroneous payroll processing, non-compliance to statutory laws, etc., can and will lead to employee dissatisfaction, not to mention the hefty legal penalties that it will attract. However, one can only be so careful and manual payroll processes are bound to be error-prone given the complex and monotonous nature of payroll calculation processes. How to navigate this? Enter the modern cloud payroll product and service providers, who are the game-changers of the payroll landscape

Reinventing Payroll Services

In the past, most of the calculations and compliances had to be carried out manually. However, today, cloud payroll software with integrated automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and various other advanced technologies are now simplifying and optimizing payroll operations all over the world.

One of the best approaches to having an error-free payroll service is by using advanced tech to understand how the clients operate and the ways in which the cloud payroll can benefit them. Let’s look at some use cases:

Small Businesses – Small business owners usually have constraints as far as resources and employees are concerned. They cannot hire in-house professional payroll teams and carry out data entry and record-keeping themselves. Being unfamiliar with payroll software, they would also be worried about the mistakes and failure to fulfill legal compliances.

Enterprise-level organizations – Major corporations with nationwide or international operations usually worry about compliance in multiple states or countries. The legal regulations vary in each geo causing complexities and challenges. And maintaining an in-house payroll team might also be challenging and expensive as they need to maintain infrastructure and pay salaries to employees who calculate and pay salaries to the workforce.

Financial accounting companies – Conventional accounting firms would be unwilling to handle payroll processes simply because of the following reasons:

  1. It is monotonous, time-consuming, and repetitive
  2. There is a great likelihood of human error in calculations
  3. The risk of penalties and heavy resource consumption makes businesses unprofitable 

Cloud payroll services are the silver lining in these scenarios as they resolve all the major problems faced by companies. Usage of cloud payroll implies that the payroll outsourcing companies don’t need to use your organization’s computers or data stored on-premises. This eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data by an outsider. In cloud operations, the programs are run by the service provider online through an app or a browser. The data is stored securely on remote servers. The whole process is a lot more convenient and safer.

Here are some of the top advantages of using Ramco’s advanced cloud payroll software

Automated helpdesk through chatbots – Ramco’s cloud payroll offers AI-infused smart chatbot to offer 24/7 responses to employee queries related to payroll, leave, expenses, approvals, and more

Automation of Payroll – AI & ML powered payroll automation aids data validation and anomaly detection to ensure error-free and accurate payroll processing

Employee self-service – The online payroll services enhance employee experience with Voice, BOT, Mail, Mobile Support to process queries, service requests, deliver SPOC instructions for speedy resolution

Data analytics – You can get powerful insights from employee data for improving employee satisfaction, enabling payroll process improvement, and reaping many more benefits

Role-based dashboards – The advanced software enables Segment-wise, role-based reporting for improved business insights and informed decision making

3rd party integrations – The Ramco cloud payroll offers pre-built integrations with leading HR and ERP systems for seamless data flow and building a true HR tech ecosystem

With the emergence of such cloud-based digital payroll solutions, you can now effectively run your organizational payroll without worrying about errors, compliance issues, or data security.

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