Why Customer Intimacy is Important

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Various studies on social media and other marketing methods confirm that while businesses think they are doing enough by reaching out, customers still feel neglected. The reason is that marketing methods are yet to become truly customer-centric, and instead rely on influencing the customer into buying a particular product or service. That doesn’t always bring the desired result, and it makes repeat business hard to come by.

Why Customer Intimacy is Important

Introducing customer intimacy

Customer intimacy is built around the idea of putting the customer at the center of everything. As such, it runs contrary to the conventional wisdom in marketing, putting the primary aim of marketing as understanding the customer well enough, rather than applying “proven” techniques of selling. This helps in serving customers better, which in turn boosts business reputation and brings increasing returns. Proponents of customer intimacy call this the “virtuous circle”, where one good thing leads to another. Notice that customer intimacy goes beyond engagement, which only tries to create conversations by capturing interest.

Importance of customer intimacy

As technological playfields become level, there is hardly any exclusivity businesses are going to enjoy. Cloud computing and virtualization are two very relevant examples, where thousands of vendors are competing on the same terms. As such, the new challenge becomes using the existing technology in a customer-centric way. That means not only getting to know your customer well, but also customizing your offerings to create a unique experience for them.

Customers stick to businesses that care about them despite pressure from market conditions. As such, customer intimacy is the best shock-proofing against market risk.

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