Large execution facilities with specialized equipment and skilled labor makes aviation asset maintenance execution highly capital intensive. In the last three decades, there has been an increasing trend of operators outsourcing their maintenance operations to contain maintenance related expenses. Outsourcing of maintenance services, especially those related to components, have become increasingly popular among airline operators. Outsourcing offers advantages of lower capital investments on maintenance facilities and increased operational efficiencies through leverage of the service provider’s core competencies.

While airline operators are primarily responsible for airworthiness of the aircraft, there is an increasing pressure on MRO service providers to maintain different types of data to ensure regulatory compliance. Additionally, services ranging from total care programs to on-request maintenance require a very swift and efficient internal process to meet these varied demands. Innovations in the aircraft and component designs are inching towards maintenance hassle free models. This in turn provides several options to operators and service providers to move towards achieving zero inventory and helps them adopt a JIT strategy. As a result, this puts pressure on MRO services providers in promising a very aggressive TAT to its customers. A TAT violation is one of the biggest causes for revenue leakages. Efficient processes and a good monitoring mechanism need to be put in place to avoid such circumstances.

Ramco Aviation M&E/MRO Solution for MROs helps address the major challenges facing the Aviation MRO Industry such as streamlining process intensive activities, optimizing operational and maintenance economics, reducing turnaround times, improving customer satisfaction, and, ultimately increasing profitability. Our integrated suite of Aviation MRO software solutions are in use across Commercial and Defense MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers.

Value Proposition

  • 50% reduction in TAT violation
  • 20% reduction in Inventory holding costs
  • Web based solution facilitate easy information access to all stakeholders including customers
  • Electronic data exchange making processes more efficient and faster
  • Reduction in time to bill customers
  • Reduction in revenue leakages by efficiently tracking labor, material and other expenses incurred
  • Rational Flow of Materials, Tools etc.
  • Consistent Turnaround time ( TAT)
  • Improved Maintenance Planning
  • Increased Service levels & Reduced Inventory
  • Recording & Effective tracking of Engine Configuration
  • Complete control on parts with different ownerships
  • Inbuilt with real-time global warranty and parts tracking, Operators can save several millions in warranty cost and cut down AOG time
  • Advanced and comprehensive software that will effectively manage quotation handling, maintenance planning, maintenance execution, configuration management, supply chain logistics, cost tracing and invoicing

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