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Scorecard Vs Dashboard

Scorecard is a Business Performance Measurement (BPM) used mostly at senior management level to view the business performance through indicators. This helps theorganization do a pulse check to see how the business is performing towards achieving the strategic goals in different units of business which are operating as per the strategy map.

A scorecard measures performance against goals. Typically, a scorecard displays graphic indicators that visually convey the overall success or failure of an organization in its efforts to achieve a particular goal. The scorecard is based on a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs), each of which represents an aspect of organizational performance. Taken together, these KPIs provide a snapshot of organization performance at a particular point in time.

Dashboard is a Business Activity Process Monitoring (BAM) or Business ProcessMeasurement (BPM) used most by the operational managers to monitor the day-to-dayoperations through visualization.

A dashboard is a container for various types of reports, including scorecards. It might consist of one or more pages, and it might have more than one module on each page. The modules are called Web Parts. A typical dashboard might contain a scorecard, an analytical report, and an analytical chart, but many variations are possible. Some dashboards provide users with a high level of interactivity, and others display static images. The degree and kind of interactivity depend on the program that is used to create the dashboard.