Tools for Marketing Your Strategy Effectively

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Marketing one's strategy internally is a must these days to win the adherence of parties involved in its implementation. Nowadays we have many tools to explain, remind and engage lower level executives in a company to a strategy.


One of the best tools is by creating a forum to share FAQs, Milestones etc. IT companies can opt for online forums, where one can share one’s views or doubts on a particular strategy. Managers or personnel from higher levels of the management can answer the queries. Many companies adopt this technique since forums are generally more popular and reach the audience well.


After formulating a business strategy, mails can be sent to all who are involved in the implementation of the strategy. The mail can typically explain why we need the strategy, what the objectives are, what the role played by each party is etc.

However, it should not stop there! Managers should give a comfortable time gap to get opinions on the strategy, clarify doubts any individual/party may have. Managers should also be sending the status of the strategy implementation process as and when milestones are reached. Now and then, mails appreciating the role played by some individual or a party will also help boost productivity.

Liaison Group

Employees should form a group, typically involving atleast one executive from different levels. This group can form a forum and the manager can lead this group. The leader can communicate effectively while the other members will act as liaisons for the strategy. This is almost like a Quality Circle but the outcomes expected are different.

Top Management

Top management's role doesn't end after the designing phase of the strategy. The involvement of top management is required at the implementation level too. This gives a manager the assurance that the top management is backing him and shows the commitment they have. Meetings, at regular intervals, with lower level executives will have a positive impact on the implementation.

In conclusion, a manager's role is critical in any company, as he/she is the one who is part of a strategy from the beginning to the end. The above tools will help a manager in achieving accords between the top management and the employees at the lower order. With this in mind, all parties involved will successfully implement the strategy as a single entity, for the individual and the company's growth and development.

Contributed by Sai Sandeep B V