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      Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

      We have already discussed about the increasing popularity of ERP implementations in the SME sector...

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      Vancheeswar Balakrishnan

      Vancheeswar Balakrishnan Senior Manager (Projects) Ramco Systems

      Vancheeswar Balakrishnan is a...

      Ashish Gupta

      Ashish Gupta -Â Senior Business Analyst - Health & Public Services

      Ramco is the first stop in...

      Abhijit Kulkarni

      Abhijit Kulkarni

      Senior Business Analyst - HPS

      I am a Senior Business Analyst in E-governance...

      Ashok Dash

      Ashok Dash

      Mohammed Ghaliff

      Rajveer Meena

      Bhaskar Vimal

      Bhaskar Vimal Senior Business Analyst- Base Aviation Development department

      Sameer Mishra


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