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      Why do some ERP Implementation Projects under-deliver value or fail ?

      Over the past few years in ERP implementations across the Globe, I curiously browsed through a...


      Dealer Management System – a Critical link in Principal-Dealer Ecosystem

      In the very competitive automobile industry, every OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is trying...

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      The Broken Myths

      I know a friend who recently started a company. He created a financial product for the other...


      Improving Field Service Dramatically

      Field service is the elephant in the room when it comes to organizational efficiency. Even though...

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      Are You Future Ready?

      For the smooth functioning of a business, it is essential that the roster is managed well. What is...


      Right Planning for ERP Implementation

      The only significant difference between successful ERP implementations and the unsuccessful ones is...

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      Making ERP Implementation Successful

      The reason companies have drastically different experience with ERP systems points to the core of...


      Backing Up Mobile Devices

      While IT companies are in the habit of backing up their servers and workstations, the increasing...


      ERP for Green Supply Chain Management

      Modern industry is not only about optimum production and best manufacturing methods only. The...

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