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Ramco HCM adds colors to REDTAG


Ramco HCM adds colors to REDTAG

Ramco helped move REDTAG’s IT department from an executional role to a strategic one, thus concentrating on business better.

REDTAG, a division of BMA International is a chain of value fashion and home stores that offer a world of choice and an enjoyable shopping experience. With a presence in all 6 countries of the GCC, REDTAG has over 125 stores in the form of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and malls. With an ambitious plan to open at least 12 new REDTAG stores per year in malls, as well as high streets, will see the REDTAG brand become a leader in the value fashion and lifestyle market.

Challenges faced

  • Critical processes like recruitment, payroll, appraisal, and planning were managed manually and needed to be automated right away!
  • Lack of one common performance appraisal process to measure people in all regions
  • Lack of one talent management system to manage the expat population and the native citizens
  • Lack of employee self-service capabilities to record employee life/business events, and to reinforce manager’s capabilities for decision making and authorization
  • Lack of a secured cloud solution

How did Ramco put things in perspective

With the cut-throat competition that has now become an everyday affair in business, it is truly a humbling moment for Ramco HCM to be the chosen one. Following are the key changes that Ramco brought about into REDTAG:

  • Automated the existing HR processes like Recruitment, Training, Appraisal, etc through HCM
  • Implemented a Cloud Based solution, with no upfront investment and quicker go-live time
  • Offered a common HCM platform across the group, irrespective of subsidiaries with different enterprise solutions
  • Enabled a competent Employee Self-Service Access

Business benefit

  • Cloud delivery model
  • One HR system managing all ex-pat population and native citizens
  • One touch generation of HR and Statutory forms support leading to Full-time equivalent (FTE) savings
  • Functional fitment covering all the processes
  • Employee Self-Service features

Key differentiators

  • HCM on Cloud with in-built Analytics
  • Available on the go, support multiple devices
  • Easy to integrate with third-party systems
  • New UI with alerts, notifications, role-specific workspaces
  • Enables engagement of all stakeholders
  • Comprehensive Talent Management
  • Algorithm-based intuitive application

We would love to weave a success story for you


It is not only business but also a bucket of trust which organizations have on Ramco! We would love to weave success stories, your trust is all we seek. Please give us a shout, we are happy to help.

Mail: contact@ramco.com 

Web: www.ramco.com/hcm

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