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The Logistics Services Industry is the backbone of global supply chains and is expected to integrate and support complex processes in real-time. Ramco’s Logistics Software is a unified cloud based software covering the end to end needs of 3PL, Freight Forwarders and Parcel/ Courier Service Providers who are seeking a high performance logistics software.

Warehouse System


Improve your customer satisfaction and intimacy with the best fulfillment rate

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Warehousing Software on cloud

Freight Forwarders

Get E2ESCV (end to end visibility), flexibility and optimize your revenue and margins

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Logistics System

Courier Service Providers

Maximize your yields & improve your responsiveness for the omni-channel world

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Logistics Software - Transportation Management


Ramco’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is designed to work across your multi modal transport network and manage all your key processes. This covers shipment order management, planning the order based on VSRC (Vehicle, Schedule, Routes and Constraints), load Planning, load consolidation, carrier selection, execution, documentation and billing. Ramco TMS is equally and highly proficient in orchestrating buy and sell sides of the logistics operations to ensure and sustain maximum profitability and service levels.

Proof of delivery can be captured on a mobile device & will be available real time through customer and vendor portals which are a part of our TMS. Ramco TMS also encompasses cross dock yard management and container/ULD Management.

Warehousing Software


Ramco Warehouse Management System (WMS) starts with the basic receipt-GR-Put away-Pick-Pack-Despatch functions & goes on to support the sophisticated warehousing needs. This includes flexible VAS (value-added services), lot management, serial number tracking etc. It leverages advanced fulfilment logic for wave management, constraint-based selection, real-time replenishment and eliminate costly physical counts with auditor-approved cycle counting functionality.

It can accommodate Omni-channel and/or multi-tenant fulfilment too. Labour and Resource management functions in a warehouse are also handled through Ramco WMS.

Fleet software


Ramco Fleet Management solution supports end to end in-house fleet management aiming to increase the availability of fleet and reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Operations). It provides complete asset visibility, helps you to track the asset condition; plan maintenance activities; carry out essential repairs; create maintenance budgets and manage the complete life cycle of the assets.

Users can define the complete BOM for a given asset; identify composition of the maintenance crew; create maintenance plans; check asset availability; execute maintenance, repair and overhaul activities. This give users a complete view of the maintenance history. Driver compliances and driver management are also handled through Ramco Fleet Management Solution.

Logistics System - Hub Management


Ramco Hub Management solution caters to the need of managing In-Transit Hubs. This includes activities of arrival, departure, parent-child execution, resource planning, carrier scheduling etc. Goods arriving in a Transit Hub can be deconsolidated, segregated and then consolidated back again to be shipped out. Hub audit for quality compliance is another key support provided.

Hub audits play a key part in ensuring hub quality eliminating mismatches between actual inventory quantity and the quantity recorded in the system. Ramco Hub Management provides complete visibility of all inward and outward movements from all the hubs across the network of a logistics service provider. It also helps consolidate deliveries at the click of a button. This in turn reduces the cost of operations and improves profit margins.

Warehousing System : Billing


Ramco Logistics Software has a dedicated module for customer and vendor billing to manage all the complex constraints in the billing side of things. There is a separate tariff management for both buy and sell functions where rates are set up based on various parameters. This module covers the customer contract management where all the key details related to your customer contract will be captured.

Freight and Fleet Billing are other features covered in this module. Ramco Logistics Software comes with a customer and a vendor portal that provides instant communication and visibility to all stakeholders involved in a transaction.


Ramco Logistics Solution, will not only help you manage your business with ease but also swiftly respond to evolving imperatives of business, regulatory changes, market conditions etc without having to go through the pains of integration again and again.

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