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10 Points to Remember When Getting Started With an ERP

Installing an ERP system is easy; getting it to deliver the expected results is not. That’s where most ERP implementations fail. If you’re just getting started, here are a few useful tips to achieve the desired results:

  1. Compare vendors: Don’t get impressed with the big names. Make it a point to do a thorough comparison and find out which ones would best suit your need.
  2. Mind the timing: An ERP implementation is a demanding process. Don’t initiate it when there are other business priorities, such as start and end of financial year, etc…
  3. Not just technology: Constant human input is essential to keep the ERP system running smoothly. Figure out in advance who’s going to drive the solution.
  4. Fewer customizations: The more you customize, the greater the scope for hard-to-track mistakes. Instead search for a product that fits your requirements.
  5. Test beforehand: Before you take the system live, make sure that you have tested the implementation in actual conditions. This includes load testing as well as functionality.
  6. Right training: Ask the vendor what kind of training support is provided. It’s crucial to ensure sure that your staff can work with the system and the transition is smooth.
  7. Go in phases: Attempting to overhaul the entire system in one go is risky. A better recommended approach is to create a blueprint and take small steps.
  8. Right expectations: Why are you going ahead with ERP? If it’s to see a quick turnaround, you need to rethink your expectations!
  9. Analyze: The system analysis should first be done at your end before you accept a proposal from the vendor.
  10. Decide on cloud: Identify which type of cloud configuration would suit you best. Ask the vendor if in doubt.

These tips will help take a more informed decision and achieve desired results from the ERP implementation.