5 Cost effective ways to store data on the cloud

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In the 90s, storage disks of less than 30GB capacity were incredibly expensive. Today, thanks to innovations in silicon technology, we are able to get high capacity storage disks at a nominal cost. Due to this, companies are storing huge volumes of data in their internal storage servers.

Post 2005, many companies have started moving their IT applications to the cloud. When it comes to storage, the rules are completely different where the cloud is concerned. Too many instances of the same data or too much of low-value data stored on the cloud, could shoot up the monthly storage costs and impact the efficiency of search, dashboard updates, report generation etc. Here are 5 important ways to store large amounts of data cost effectively.

  • Fragmentation of data will ensure that relevant data is categorized and stored in appropriate folders. This reduces duplication as well.
  • When it comes to tables, data that is unnecessarily occupying space can be removed. Regular purging of databases will help remove records of anonymous visitors, bouncing visitors, inactive email ids etc.
  • Using optical storage disks to store archived data is another good way to efficient space management. If required, the archived data can be retrieved easily.
  • Some cloud service providers offer de-duping tools that work on fuzzy-logic algorithms to detect and merge data without the removing them from the cloud. Learning about these tools and implementing one which best suits your business needs is an option waiting to be explored.
  • Appropriate data management processes and practices should be implemented across the organization to efficiently use the data storage space in the cloud. It helps to train employees on the best practices to manage data efficiently on the cloud