Better Collaboration in the Cloud

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Cloud computing has proved its worth when it comes to supporting scalable business architectures in today’s complex business world. But one of the big advantages that gets underplayed while discussing cloud’s merit is collaboration. That is not to say that there aren't good collaboration tools existing. There are, but the point is that the cloud has the potential to once more redefine collaboration in enterprise computing. It’s the latest development doing the rounds, and it’s called Extreme Collaboration.

Exploring Extreme Collaboration

So how is Extreme Collaboration different ? First of all, Extreme is built on the idea of true flexibility. That means meeting rooms are efficient and truly dynamic, allowing users to interact simultaneously without compromising performance. Another focus is on sharing data, as Extreme improves upon sharing on videos and other data items via live streaming during the sessions. Why should this matter? Well, first of all this gives a user flexibility to thread all the communication channels in one place. And moreover, such a strategy is priceless when different channels are spread across geographies and need to be coordinated against.

All in all, collaboration in the cloud is about a new type of business model that will redefine how online interactions take place and meetings are held. While it will bring down costs, that should not be the core focus of companies. Rather, the attention should be on exploiting this platform to the maximum and maxing sure a competitive advantage is gleaned.