Cloud computing is here to rock

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Cloud computing is here to rock
This blog is part of the series on IT empowerment for small and medium businesses as featured on, India's most trusted portal for IT companies. Mr Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer for Ramco Systems, builds on his experience of enterprise solutions.
The technologies referred to here are hardware, software, networking etc.Scenarios are user interaction spaces - named users, super users, reporting users and interfaces. Changes refer to the change in the style of IT usage from the client-server days to the Web 3.0 of the modern times.All this has caused IT consumers to invest much of their valuable time into selecting, implementing, and working their IT solutions - clearly a constant and itinerant journey.

Cloud vendors want to save you of this itinerant journey.

The time we save you could better be used by focusing on your business. The traditional approach to realizing an enterprise solution for long term has caused needless outcomes. Think about it... If your ERP is great, why is there a high incidence of unused software licenses reported in the best of the businesses that use them?

When you think of cloud computing what are some of the words (and images) that come to your mind? Is your vision - a perspective (sangarsh), a boundary (ambar or ghera), or fear (mist or dhund)? Answering this question will help you understand your position relative to the cloud.

When you think about the words above, it is natural to feel like an itinerant again… “Oh God! It’s one more journey of understanding and one more round of unlearning,” you may think. This is where you need to change your perspective.

Cloud vendors don’t want you to live like an itinerant in the IT space. The cloud requires the vendor to do this so that it would be beneficial to you. The cloud also requires that the consumer may right-size consumption in logical steps.

Bottom-line: Cloud vendors want the consumer to focus on the business and tailor IT consumption to suit your business growth.

Does it sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo? It probably does… and if I have your attention so far, I will ask you to work with me.

Through a series of articles, we will visit the first the perspectives to cloud computing. So we went from monolithic ERPs to flexible ones, technologically speaking. Why would you still buy them on expensive capital?

Thus, we will address how powerful solutions come to lend themselves to elastic consumption.

We will follow this up by discussions on whether there are any boundaries to consider. Is the cloud for everyone or is it irrational exuberance all over again? Is it as much a bubble as the technology economy was at the turn of the century or does it have some values?

And needless to say, we will be open about the fears and discuss solutions to them threadbare.

Every piece that will be presented solicits feedback. I would urge you to remember that I am journeying through your mind so that this will be your last itinerary worrying about IT.

The expensive, “itinerant,” quality that IT consumers have had to hone in handling IT has come to an end.