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Corporate Style - 10 Questions to ask yourself

If you switch from a legacy system to an ERP system, choosing one from a list of ERP vendors is definitely a difficult exercise especially considering that the move is a giant leap and requires patience and understanding! But before that, here are some questions you need to ask about the corporate style of your company. Precisely, these questions can help you evaluate your company’s corporate style. And believe us, it IS important!

  1. Does your corporate culture encourage micromanagement?
  2. Does your business environment value team participation more than individual showboating?
  3. Does your company encourage quick conflict resolution as opposed to hoping disagreements will automatically be resolved in due course?
  4. Will all senior mangers commit to personal as well as corporate goals?
  5. Is the project manager an experienced, powerful and well-respected user?
  6. Can the project manager handle the necessary responsibility and authority, or will he choke?
  7. Will responsibility for failure as well as success be shared?
  8. Can resources be committed and kept through the duration of the project?
  9. Can a committee be established to resolve management differences quickly?
  10. Will top management support the ERP project even when they have a profit warning?

There are few companies that can answer yes to all of these questions, but more than that, knowing how your company deals with each of them is important to your project's success.