Effective Use of Modern Technology for Emerging Enterprises

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In the recent decades, technology has evolved at a much faster pace compared to the previous centuries. Thanks to the digital era which has empowered people to share, collaborate and learn things in real-time. For this reason, it is imperative that emerging enterprises need to adapt to the modern day trends to help shape them at a faster pace. The more anticipatory the enterprise is with regards to technology, the more creatively it can gain competitive advantage.

Below are few tips for emerging enterprises to effectively understand and utilize the modern technologies.

[1] Monitoring technological trends periodically helps understand where the world is progressing. Interested staff or select teams can be involved in monitoring technical journals, news articles and research reports periodically and pass on the message to others through newsletters or intranet portals.

[2] Just-In time Learning sessions can be conducted for employees as part of weekly team meetings or through web based training modules.

[3] Applying technology creatively for day-to-day processes will ease their workload and enhance the productivity. Thanks to cloud based apps, everyone can do lot of stuff just by using their mobile and an Internet connection. Example of this could be a cloud-based app to schedule deliveries for a delivery agent. He doesn’t have to report to office but simply logon to the app to know his schedule and visit the clients directly.

[4] Monitoring the communities where the company employees are active will provide insights into their expectations and capabilities. Through monitoring the staff conversation online, companies can effectively cater to their needs.

[5] Engaging employees through intranet portals and discussion forums will help get valuable feedback from the employees. The strategic problems and other issues faced by the business can be resolved through a collaborative approach. Businesses can engage the employees through contests, discussions and focus groups online.

With the emergence of social media and related applications, there are lots of things that can be done other than the ones discussed above. A creative thought process would ensure effective utilization of modern technology for the improvement of the enterprise.