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ERP for Aviation Industry

Gone are the days, where only affluent businessmen, rich families and high profile Government officials were able to travel by air. Commercial air travel, these days, have greater degree of affordability and anyone can fly from one place to another in a low-budget airline with no frills attached.

With competition growing at a much faster pace, it is very essential for commercial air carriers to streamline the process in an efficient way so that, they are able to reduce their operational costs. Reduction in operational costs will help reduce the airfare and hence benefit the customer. With the aviation sector growing in exponential terms, ERP solutions help companies integrate manufacturing management, human capital management, discrete production, electronic data interchange, total quality management and the entire supply chain.

Due to this rapid growth, it is vital that companies deliver value to their stakeholders and customers. With the help of advanced tools, management team is usually bombarded with loads of data every minute. But, with lack of decision support systems, it is very difficult for them to make the right move. Double checking the data and metrics, managing resources and gathering requirements for different processes in supply chain consumes a lot of time. Implementing dedicated ERP modules for managing the entire process gives the management effective control over industrial and financial activities.

Aviation industry demands timely and accurate decisions to enhance operational efficiency. Thanks to innovative delivery methods like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing, more and more aerospace companies are moving to cloud-based ERP solutions than on-site ERP. Cloud-based solution providers are also customizing their product offerings as per the varying requirements from the clients. For example Ramco’s Aviation Manufacturing Applications are aimed at providing SaaS-based large scale application models to their clients, integrating their engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, service management, plant maintenance, human resources and financials.

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