ERP Know More - SMEs and the Public Cloud

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Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) organizations definitely benefit when they subscribe to a public cloud model. This model lets them have the full power of the ERP (from a cloud ready ERP such as Ramco OnDemand ERP) and its best practices, which they can pay for on an OPEX model (per user per month price). The product, hardware, upgrades etc are all maintained and managed by the vendor. The SME does not need to have vertical capabilities (IT Resources and People) to maintain their ERP or IT systems.

The best way forward is to implement the general ledger and start passing transactions through this migration on the receivables and payables side. Functions such as Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Distribution, and Manufacturing etc. can be added immediately or in logical steps. It is possible to complete such implementations in 2 weeks.

Most cloud vendors offer a free trial period allowing SME to get a good feel of the cloud software. Options to scale up or down (user count) are also available and businesses may benefit from this elasticity and depending on business conditions, increase or cut usage.

So, there's no question that the public cloud offers more cost effective and efficient services in many instances.

Contributed by : K. Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ramco Systems