Forging Partnerships All the Way

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At Ramco, we strategically work with select partners who focus on solution, sales and implementation. Partners form an integral part of our business and they provide presales, sales and implementation & support services. Our partner model gives the flexibility and comfort to prospective partners to choose the type of partnership they are comfortable with: Ramco Sales Partner – focused on sales, Ramco Implementation Partner – focused on implementation and support and Ramco Solution Partner -- focused on sales, implementation and support.

Currently we have an active partner eco-system which gives us visibility and reach in to metro and tier II cities, both in the Enterprise and SMB space. Ramco OnDemand ERP is a very potent weapon which can be a win-win for partners given the market opportunity.

We have a very lucrative revenue model for our partners. Up to 30% of the sales revenue and upto 80% of implementation cost is being shared with our partners. The partners can take advantage of Ramco’s years of experience and market leading solutions. They also get benefited by:

• Expanding their current market offering and product portfolio

• Increasing sales and service revenues

• Scaling up their presence in the market

• Seeking opportunities in multiple lines of business

• Availing Sales and Product training to scale up their operations

• Availing other potential benefits of the VARs program

Ramco Channel Development Managers work closely with our channel partners to help them achieve their business goals and build successful business leveraging the power of cloud computing. We expect our channel partners to work with us in further enhancing the lead we have over competition in the SaaS application space. Since it is a volumes game, partners are the only way to take the product to the market. With their local knowledge and contacts they play a vital role both in sales and implementation. Partners form a key piece of our business as they provide presales, sales, implementation & support services.

Contributed by Mr. Arun Narasimhan