Green Benefits of SaaS based ERP

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SaaS-based ERP systems enable organizations to contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing three key green measurable – energy consumption, paper and print supply usage, and carbon emissions from commuting.

Energy conservation

A key feature of SaaS-based ERP systems is the secure storage and maintenance of all data on off-site servers. Because users do not have to purchase and configure their own servers and storage systems on-site, this eliminates the associated energy consumption at user sites. If an average server uses 200 watts of power it saves 1.75 megawatt hours (mwh) per server per year. In addition, the elimination of each server puts an end to carbon dioxide emissions from that server and also from the cooling systems that house and run it. Total energy conservation can be significant.

Reduced paper and supplies

With data and reporting maintained electronically, organizations significantly reduce their need for paper, printers, and related supplies. For example, after launching a SaaS-based ERP solution, one metalformer was able to eliminate more than 200,000 printed documents each year, along with the printer ink, toners, and other potentially hazardous chemicals they contain.

Less employee commuting

Because a SaaS-based ERP solution can be accessed 24X7 from an Internet connection, employers can allow many workers the option of working from home. This reduces their travel and the carbon emissions they create commuting. One organization not only saw employee satisfaction spike when a new SaaS-based ERP system enabled a work-from-home option, the company ended up saving the environment from 500 commuting miles worth of carbon emissions each month.

Unbelievable but true! So, let’s join hands and make this world a greener place.