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Green Technology and IT Profits

For a long time the green approach to technology has taken a backseat. This was because almost all methods of going green involved sacrificing some or other important IT functions, which companies used to do with a heavy heart. And then came the looming clouds of a global green drive and the near-certain regulatory push which made enterprises nervous about the future. However, the recent developments have shown that green technology need not mean compromising on workflows or cutting corners.

The Efficient Agency

The case in point is the report “The Efficient Agency” by CDW-G. Conducted across various companies of all sizes in the IT industry, the report says clearly that enterprises are seeing increasing returns on their investments made in green technology. Almost 74% of the respondents say that they are seeing a gain in efficiency, while 79% have been able to eliminate new spending. For many, the total reinvestment in green technology is now a third of their earlier IT budgets.

But perhaps the best piece of news is that various organization are seeing returns of over 100% or even 200% on technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, etc.

Looking forward

Green technology is a long-term investment that involves not only planning for incorporating new technologies, but also training their employees as well as the higher management about the many benefits of adopting green IT. You can also look at some of the enterprise solutions for green technology, like Ramco’s green solutions for IT admins.

Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phelanriessen