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Guidelines on Switching Cloud Vendors

For many businesses, the cloud is not a success story. And as they invariably learn, the problem lies with incorrect analysis, poor system design, or careless migration. In other words, if you’ve realized that your vendor is holding you back from achieving high growth through cloud mobility, how do you make the switch? As it happens, moving from one vendor to another requires careful thought.

Guidelines on Switching Cloud Vendors

Here are some guidelines for achieving this transition:

  • Ask for a preview: This time, don’t let yourself be bedazzled by glossy promises and sleek-looking images. Ask if the vendor is ready to give you a test drive, and only after you feel comfortable should you proceed.
  • Get a signed POA: Most cloud deals still suffer from poor planning, so this time make it different. Make a list of deliverables and objectives for your vendor and get it signed on print. That way you’ll be able to look back and see if the targets were met.
  • Determine reputation: Before you begin interacting with a vendor, it’s worthwhile to do some background work and try to get a feel for their reputation. You can talk to their customers straightaway, or even listen on various social media channels.
  • Talk about departure up-front: It’s not uncommon for vendors to lock customers in by putting restrictions in place. So it’s crucial that you talk to them in the first place and figure out the terms and conditions for a possible exit. You want to make sure you and not the vendor has control over business workflows.

Finding a new vendor can take time, but these suggestions will get you far in your quest for the right cloud partner.