Managing in the new society

As the employees become more connected, informed and decisive, it is not only changing the fabric of the organizations, long used to antiquated Industrial era method of managing employees but also the turning the entire society upside down.

The question just about everyone is facing, is not about managing the new age worker but about, Quote Un-Quote, “Managing in the next society”.

Coming out with the new set rules defining for Gen Y and in a few years, Gen Z coming into work stream, would be a lot easier if we start to understand the ethos, values and traits of this new generation.

To define them we need to understand what their driver are….

A small example can put context to situation.

In Canada, it has been found that young workforce entering the work stream are preferring to spend money on smartphones, and electronic gadgets to remain connected as compared to the previous generations penchant to buy cars as soon they started earning.

This story is a telling sign of the changing times.

The question is why is the above phenomenon happening? Reason are simple this generation prefers to remain connected to the rest of the world, knowledge is their skill and independence their motivator. Their confidence comes from their ability to network and information at their fingertips. At times, they will be more informed than their superiors.

A flat world also results in skill being dispersed all over; technical skills can be present and leveraged from any corner of the world! Organizations are also changing, at one point of time they were localized now they are executing projects, assignments in all corners of the world.

If you juxtapose the above with a socially networked society, through facebook, twitter and other forums, it is lethal combination. Some are finding it hard to succeed and keep up with this pace and others are thriving in this new and dynamic environment. The pace of change is so high at times yesterday events and inventions is history and the shelf life of products is decreasing at unprecedented pace.

Managing in this new society presents a highly complex environment. Therefore, traditional rules of engaging and managing employees are not the most effective methods. Command and rule do not work any longer, as there might be times when you might not have a face to face interaction for days or weeks. At the same time, you would need some methodology for having semblance of control of what is being done and delivered.

No wonder the new age Human Capital Management tools are geared towards a mobile workforce. Access and capturing of information, through a mobile platform is more important than through traditional routes of access.

This is what HCM from Ramco Systems is trying to do and address the Challenges of

“Managing in the new society”

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