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Important Cloud Trends for SMBs

Cloud computing is evolving faster than can be documented in full. Small and medium businesses are always looking for ways to leverage their existing investment in creative ways, and the cloud is the perfect vehicle for that.

Here are some key trends in cloud computing that are redefining the nature of business and applications in the small- and medium-sized companies:

  • Beyond virtual resources: There was a time when a cloud migration was nothing more than virtualized storage and infrastructure. But now businesses are realizing that there’s a lot more potential in the cloud. As a result, more and more implementations are now centered around the cloud making fundamental changes to core processes. For instance, use of big data analytics for business insights has now become common.
  • Custom development: Thanks to the stability in cloud APIs, businesses are now looking to make developmental changes to extend the cloud for embracing other domains. That means businesses having special requirements are able to fulfill them much more quickly and easily, while vendors are able to develop value-added solutions and improve their market share. What’s important here is that customization is not restricted to large companies, but is becoming increasingly common in the SMB sector.
  • Truly lean startups: Cloud has redefined the modern startup, and today it has become possible to run a million-user application from nothing more than a laptop and network connection. Rigid working processes and the idea of cubicles are being deprecated.

The cloud makes many things possible for businesses. The only limit to what can be extracted from it is the imagination employed.

image source : http://www.dqindia.com